Caleb Manning, Kane Fox

Caleb Manning Makes Topping Debut (!) for Total Bottom Kane Fox (!!)

Are my eyes deceiving me? What kind of Gay Porn Bizarro World have I wandered into? Caleb Manning as a top? Kane Fox as a total bottom? I’m here for it!

Since his debut in 2021, we’ve only seen cute Caleb and his rockin’ bod as a bottom in his studio work, whether taking Max Konnor’s big meat at NakedSword, Daniel Evans’ dick at GuysinSweatpants, or—oh my, what a coincidence!—Kane Fox’s hot cock in his CockyBoys debut. Seems Caleb wanted to turn the tables on Kane, and now he gets his wish.

Caleb Manning Kane Fox

Caleb Manning, Kane Fox

Since his debut in 2020, Kane was primarily a top—especially his first two years. But he’s started to mix it up more since then, flipping or just bottoming to show off his other side (his first bottom-only scene was with Tayte Hanson). Still, his total bottom scenes are still pretty rare, which makes this role reversal scene a real treat at both ends. Of course, has to be silly about it—we’re supposed to believe that handsome and hung Kane has to catfish Caleb by pretending to be Michael Boston, and that Caleb is initially disappointed upon seeing Kane (I mean, really? Sorry, but hot people can’t catfish.)

Caleb Manning, Kane Fox Caleb Manning, Kane Fox

Caleb Manning, Kane Fox

After “settling” for Kane because he needs to take care of his boner, Caleb invites the stranger in and they swap sucks (I love seeing Caleb slurp on Kane’s candy), with Kane then popping Caleb’s cherry top (or is that top cherry?) by sitting down on his hot cock. Kane then takes it from behind before getting on his back, getting a yummy facial when the top finishes.

What do you think of Caleb as a top and Kane as a bottom? Did you like their CockyBoys scene with Kane topping Caleb more?

See the full scene at!


4 thoughts on “Caleb Manning Makes Topping Debut (!) for Total Bottom Kane Fox (!!)”

      1. Haha, I don’t mean to ask for the definition of the phrase “role reversal”! I just meant to ask if it works. I guess I should’ve said,

        “Does the role reversal work?”

        I always enjoy watching boys like Kane fucked and since I have a kink for dom/sub, it’s more fun for me to see boys getting fucked all the way and not flip in a single scene, I’m super pleased for this development, I also am hoping I’ll like Maverick Sun just as much, if not more!

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