Diego Mattos, John Thomas

Can You Take a Dick This Thick?

For those of us who are metric-challenged, that’s nearly 7.5 inches around! It belongs to Diego Mattos, and power bottom John Thomas works it so good, Diego squirts three (!) times!

Diego Mattos has had a busy August at Timtales, and considering this, is it any wonder?

Looks like about 17.5cms—and I don’t think that’s even the thickest part of his shaft!

Diego Mattos, John Thomas

Diego Mattos, John Thomas

The scene also marks an apparent Timtales record, with three cumshots in one go from the Brazilian beer can cock—making Diego a real macho milkman in action. It’s due to the fact that he’s fucking one of his all-time favorite power bottoms in John Thomas.

Diego Mattos, John Thomas Diego Mattos, John Thomas

John starts by slurping all over Diego’s dick, getting spit sliding down the shaft and eliciting a smile from the sexy top. John then bends over and offers his ass in an entertaining variety of positions, with Diego slamming it hard in every damn one.

Diego Mattos, John Thomas Diego Mattos, John Thomas

Don’t miss this wild ride of intense raw fucking and never-ending breeding. And those three cumshots? Totally epic.

See the full scene at Timtales!


14 thoughts on “Can You Take a Dick This Thick?”

  1. I’m 7” in circumference and know I have to work on a guy’s hole before I fuck him. Which, quite frankly, is part of the fun. I’d much rather have a fairly tight hole in one of these guys who’s been stretched a high heavens; I like to be able to feel that I’m a fucking. Rimming, fingering, and getting a guy loosened up, wet and excited gets me harder still.

  2. When guys like Diego Mattos and Franklin Acevedo are looking for a piece of ass, ordinary bottoms shouldn’t rush to apply. There’s definitely some pain involved. We should leave bottoming for thick cocks to the experts like John Thomas, Bastian Karim, Devin Franco, Ruslan Angelo and the other greats.

    1. The pain is worth the pleasure and the little ones are actually a lot more painful than the biggest ones. I say the bigger the better. That goes for holes as well.

  3. I am one of those who just is not “mesmerized” by what I call “BDS,” or “Big Dick Syndrome.” Dick size is not as important to me compared to the guy (“the entire package”) the dick is attached to. A functional dick in bed is great, small, big, long, short, thick, thin, cut, uncut…whatever. I just don’t want to have to say to a guy, “Hey, don’t be a DICK!” LOL

  4. Yes I can! Didn’t think it was possible since I was just coming to terms with my being gay. Long story short, met a huge thick American male of Jamaican descent. He was cool with me and I didn’t think he was hung since he carried it well hidden. Ever seen the “Blackballed” dildo? Well Walter the man had a huge 13 1/2 dick, He took his time with me, and got it all in me. I am a short male and for me to take a cock that big the first time, still gets me going. By the time I had it balls deep, I was moaning “fuck me , fuck me my Black daddy bull.” I was scared. But when I looked in the mirror in the bathroom my ass was fine the wetness was butt juice and my hole reddened. So I know it can be done and done right.

  5. You’re metrically and also geometrically challenged. It’s 7.3 inches in circumference, which is about 2.3 inches thick. Which still = ouch!

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