Dakota Lovell, Dante Drackis

Shower Sex: Hot or Not?

Do you actually enjoy shower sex? Are you able to successfully and comfortably have anal sex in the shower? Do you prefer a hot shower session over fucking around in bed?

The newest scene from Missionary Boys has Dante Drackis ditching his magic underwear and stripping down in the shower. Dakota Lovell walks in on him while the shower curtain is completely open. One thing leads to another and the soapy boys quickly begin exploring each other’s bodies.

So this brings us to the question –  do you enjoy shower sex? What do you like to do in the shower? Sound off in our shower polls below and let us know your wildest shower story down in the comments. And after you’re done with that, be sure to check out this entire shower fuck scene over at Missionary Boys.

Dakota Lovell, Dante Drackis

Dakota Lovell, Dante Drackis

Dakota Lovell, Dante Drackis

Want more soapy shower fucking? Watch the entire scene here!


5 thoughts on “Shower Sex: Hot or Not?”

  1. Only in a steam shower: there is a place to sit, prop a leg up bonus of not wasting water.
    Although I flipped a place where the former owner had put in hand rails; that wasn’t to bad.
    The worst is a shower over tub. The thing isn’t designed for multiple occupancy and someone always gets cold.

    1. I would find it very relaxing to masturbate with another man in the shower.. Sex may smell better and different in the shower.. Getting cleaned up while ejaculating and having an orgasam… Like with the rules of engagement with a woman.. If I knew the other person for a long time… I would eventually go down on you with giving the other man a blow job… It would be a first for me.. hi..

  2. I don’t like sex in the shower. I’m always worried about the waste of water. I’d rather just do it on the bathroom floor.

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