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Candace Cameron Owens! Watch The Blooper Reel Falcon Studios Just Dropped

Listen, it’s hard to always remember your lines when you’re on a set with so many hot hunks. Just ask the men of Falcon Studios’ Christmastime spectacular, Cum All Ye Faithful.

In a new blooper and outtake reel posted on the Falcon | NakedSword YouTube channel, we’re getting a special behind-the-scenes look at the studio’s new holiday film. The video shows just how difficult it is to land certain lines and, more specifically, just how difficult it is to pronounce the name of Candace Cameron Bure – the former Full House star who has since gone on to become a full-on garbage monster who has nothing better to do except advocate for only showcasing “traditional marriage” in her made-for-TV Christmas movies.

Featuring some LOL-worthy moments with hunks from the film’s opening scene along with plenty of side-splitting quips from drag icon Sherry Vine, the full blooper and outtake reel can be watched below. Take a look, let us know all your hot thoughts down in the comments, and for even more Cum All Ye Faithful content, click on over to!

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6 thoughts on “Candace Cameron Owens! Watch The Blooper Reel Falcon Studios Just Dropped”

    1. Dude. It’s making fun of the queen of hallmark Christmas romance movies running off to some family values Christian channel. She’s garbage. Lighten up.

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