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Casey Jacks Really Blew It This Time

Casey Jacks went “Looking For The Big One” and ended up hanging ten at the same time.

Falcon Studios Group exclusive JJ Knight was on the Howard Stern Show yesterday morning.

Howard was openly envious of JJ’s girth.

Not just the girth, but but every single inch of JJ’s ten incher.

I wonder how he would feel about this bonus scene from “Looking For The Big One” where Casey Jacks plays donkey kong with JJ’s donkey dong?

casey jacks jj knight falconJJ Knight just got done surfing and when he gets back to his car he peels off his wetsuit. Casey doesn’t hesitate to get on his knees. It’s a huge, curvy dick, and Casey knows that this is his lucky day.

casey jacks jj knight falconCasey thought JJ’s dick alone made this his lucky day. So when JJ started with Casey’s lips and worked his way south, his lucky day also meant he won the man lottery.

casey jacks jj knight falconCasey also didn’t know that he’d be making up for skipping breakfast this morning. What you see all over his face is the least of it. Most of JJ’s load went right down his throat. When you are “Looking For The Big One”an occupational hazard.

[Watch Casey & JJ Knight in “Looking For The Big One” part five at Falcon]

Spit or swallow. Does it make a difference how much you enjoy a scene?

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