straight italian man jerking off

In The Mood For Some Italian?

“I’m more into relationships. But I’ll ‘hit and quit it.’ That’s OK too.” ~Sean Cody Lorenzo

Lorenzo is a well-built, with “Staten Island” accent, a deep voice, and a a nice cock.

And if you are really into 100% straight guys, Lorenzo seems to be the real deal.

Lorenzo also sports a perfect crop of body hair and mischievous eyes. The only thing I didn’t believe is when he said, “you don’t need to do much cardio.” Don’t we wish? Lorenzo included.

straight italian man jerking offThe three requirements for dating an Italian man: honesty – ’cause we can read it right through you. Ya gotta be a good cock, and you gotta be respectful for sure.” All righty then, now we know.

straight italian man jerking off“Yes, Italians are very sexual. 100% of me is sexual & 100% is a lover for sure.”

straight italian man jerking off“I like foreplay more than actual sex. I love my dick getting hard in someone’s mouth.”

straight italian man jerking offOnce I cum, it’s kind of the end of it.”

straight italian man jerking off“People like sweaty armpits … I got plenty of that.”

straight italian man jerking offWhile I don’t think we’ll ever see him again, we go get one parting gift often absent in solos from guys of any sexual orientation: a lingering look at an untouched hairy pucker. Mangia mangia!

[Watch Lorenzo at Sean Cody]

While Lorenzo is from the “you can look, but not touch” school of models, I’d rather everyone concerned is upfront about it than playing the “pronoun” game just to try and string us along. You too?

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