Cayden Ross Flexes, Strips, Makes Me Want To Die

Good lord.

Why bother dieting and going to the gym twice a day to get a body even half as good as Cayden Ross’s when you can just lay in bed and jerk off to him for the rest of your life?

Photos from a recent “bonus solo” on Randy Blue.

I’m officially dead now, but here’s Cayden’s last hardcore scene, with fellow thick-cocked muscle jock Jeremy Walker.


[Randy Blue]

5 thoughts on “Cayden Ross Flexes, Strips, Makes Me Want To Die”

  1. YUM!!!….Just YUM!!!!…Cayden Ross nearly makes me speechless…I agree about his ink…I could forget all about it, especially if he were standing in front of me.

  2. Cayden is so hot and fun that I always forget how much ink he has gotten since he started. Usually not my thing but on him I just don’t give a damn.

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