Guess The Bulge

Who’s the porn star about to bust out of his briefs? I’ll let you know when I reveal his brand new images later this afternoon. In the meantime, any guesses?

UPDATE: Surprise! It’s Donny Wright. And he’s been a dirty boy! His full photo set is below.

Photographer “Cool Tom Pix” shot these exclusive images of Donny in San Diego this week, and I’m excited to drool over them/share them with you here.

Donny was nominated for two Grabbys on Tuesday, one for “Best Three Way” and one for “Hottest Cum Scene” (if you’ve seen a Donny Wright cum shot, you know this is well deserved), from Falcon’s Shane’s Pool Party and Hard Friction’s Hot Sex, respectively.

Marry me?



8 thoughts on “Guess The Bulge”

  1. Donny was nominated for best 3-way for ‘Shane’s Pool Party’ and best cum shot was from ‘Hot Sex’ via Hard Friction. It was gigantic. I was there y’all!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! He smiles, does not shave everything bare and, thank goodness, not covered with tattoos (just a personal pref.)!

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