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Charlie Puth Just Proved To Everyone That He Has A Smooth Ass

It’s been a big couple of weeks for the internet’s biggest queerbaiting celebrities! Everyone’s favorite queerbaiter Harry Styles shared a smooch with Nick Kroll at the Don’t Worry Darling premiere, openly straight Bad Bunny kissed one of his male backup dancers at the VMAs just last week, and now hetero pop star Charlie Puth is back at it with another round of thirst traps to seemingly entice his thirsty male audience!

For his first thirst trap, Charlie took to Twitter to post a mirror selfie of him in his tight whities. Unlike other thirst traps he has posted in the past though, this pic features a hand in front of his crotch that blocks out any possible view of his meaty VPL. All we get is a look at his nipples, his happy trail, and his messy bathroom counter. Boo!

For his second thirst trap of the week, Charlie decided to show fans his bare ass and prove to everyone that he apparently has a smooth booty – or at least he does a pretty good job at shaving his cheeks. The black and white snapshot is pretty far away though, so for all we know, he could be rocking a hairy crack that we just can’t see in this photo.

These two spicy snapshots come a week after the We Don’t Talk Anymore singer revealed via TikTok that he’s actually the owner of a large uncut cock. Unfortunately, he has yet to prove that uncircumcised claim with any actual proof, but we’re still holding out hope that he will one day by posting an actual dick pic for his horny fans.

While we wait for Charlie to actually share those girthy images though, let us know what you think of this man, his apparently smooth ass, and his underwear pics down in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Charlie Puth Just Proved To Everyone That He Has A Smooth Ass”

  1. They’d stick their tongues up each other’s arse if it got their pics in the media again! Attention getters are all they are trying to save a diminishing career.

  2. they are entertainers putting on a show. not that long ago their careers would have ended and now they are showing just how acceptable it is. It doesn’t matter what their sexual preference is.

  3. Kissing either gender on the lips isn’t socially accepted. That is, unless it is welcome, expected and in the appropriate setting. Personally, I would recoil from puckered lips attempting to lock onto mine, I don’t care who it is or what their gender-preference is: notice in these photos that it takes place in a highly public setting — probably for show. Someone mentioned the Madonna-Spears mouth-kiss: that event impressed me as “going for the shock value”, it is obvious to me that no one has forgotten it.

  4. So when Madonna planted one on Britney, that was “queerbaiting”. I just thought it was choreography and a political statement of support for the community. You know people kiss and it doesn’t show anything but affection not sexuality.

    Get over yourselves Zoomers, not everything is about sex.

  5. Queer is such a derogatory term in the first place. These guys are simply trying to use same sex attraction for their gains. Clout chasing is the more appropriate term. Neither one of these men are in a same sex relationship.

    They have no desire to be so in the first place and it shows. Doesn’t matter if they kiss a whole group of guys, they aren’t part of the gay community. They just want to rope in those rainbow flavored coins.

  6. Every time the site uses the term queerbait it gets that much more absurd. Unless you’re going to start calling your gay-for-pay actors queerbaiters you need to erase it from your vocabulary and stop trying to gatekeep queerness

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