Tristan Hunter, Leo Grand

Pole or Hole: Which Would You Rather Slurp in a 69?

When you find yourself in a 69 and you have a cock and a hole right in your face, what does your tongue aim for first? I’m partial to the shaft and sac myself, but do enjoy a tongue in my ass as I slurp away.

Thankfully, we don’t actually have to make that choice when we’re down there—you can have both! But in the latest episode of Surrender—the new “erotic daydream” from CockyBoys—we get to see Tristan Hunter and Leo Grand show off the delights of both options. Now, it takes a moment to get there, because first we get to see the full cast (in some very tight jean shorts) do some woodwork outside, using their hatchets and crosscut saws to chop up trees (at the same time listening to poetry…cause CockyBoys gotta CockyBoys!).

Tristan Hunter, Leo Grand Tristan Hunter, Leo Grand

Once we get past all that, there’s a very hot outdoor encounter between these two pros. Leo goes for Tristan’s big dick, stroking the hung jock before tempting him with his ass. The taller stud fingers and licks Leo’s hole before pounding him from behind as the bottom braces himself on a huge rock.

Tristan Hunter, Leo Grand Tristan Hunter, Leo Grand

Tristan then picks Leo up and lays him on his back atop the boulder to continue fucking him, then head to the grass for the hot 69, where Tristan slurps the bottom’s smooth hole as Leo works up an impressive sloppy gob on the top’s knob (my favorite sight and sound of the whole scene).

Tristan Hunter, Leo Grand

Tristan fucks Leo doggy some more, then takes him over near the post. The top binds the bottom’s wrists behind his back and continues to fuck him from behind, Leo’s own big boner bobbing up with each thrust. After fucking the cum out of Leo, Tristan shoots in the sub’s mouth in a hot finish. What I love most about this scene is that you can see Tristan embracing his more alpha side, something I love to see!

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


8 thoughts on “Pole or Hole: Which Would You Rather Slurp in a 69?”

    I always love it when two gorgeous guys are enjoying gay sex, because I know HOW DAMN GOOD IT FEELS TO TAKE A BIG JUICY COCK DEEP IN YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Had this discussion a few weeks ago at the gym sauna. Fuzzy or shaved make sure its washed. Tongue in the hole stimulates my senses.

  3. As a bottom guy, I go for the pole to get it ready for it’s role. It’s the top guys role to go for the hole, if he wants to plant his pole in my hole.

  4. Facial wise Tristan isn’t really my type but damn his cock is nice and he is such a good top. Love watching him fuck twink holes.

    1. Yeah he’s not my type either but he can fuck the hell out of a man. I always prefer Tristan as a top rather than a bottom.

  5. Leo does an amazing job on Tristan’s knob, the sounds alone are enough to heat you up. Leo has really come into his own after Blake screwed him over. Nice to see him getting good work with good studios and not being cast as “the boyfriend” of another performer

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