Chriss Murphy, JD Montoya

Check Out the Studio Debut of These Two Colombian Studs

The new CockyBoys series Made in Mexico is quickly becoming one of my favorite escapades of the year, as it’s introducing some hot talent that a lot of us may not be aware of (like the beautiful big dick that’s on display in this second scene!).

Last week, the first scene marked the CockyBoys debuts of Abraham Shehell and Alfonso Osnaya, who have done some studio work before. Now we get two hot Colombians who are in their first studio scene ever—and one of them is alabaster-skinned cutie Chriss Murphy, who we got a brief look at in the non-sexual interview part of that first scene. We get to know Chriss better in a longer interview here, and he talks about how much he loves getting dominated by a big dick (preach!). Lucky for him (and us!), he gets paired with hung hottie JD Montoya.

Chriss Murphy, JD Montoya JD Montoya

Chriss Murphy, JD Montoya Chriss Murphy, JD Montoya

You may know JD (Juan) from his work on OnlyFans (where he also bottoms), but now he makes his studio debut—and seeing him walk fully naked into the room, his big boner bobbing around as he approaches Chriss and shoves it into his mouth, is fantastic. He face fucks the sub, who devours that big uncut dick before getting his hole munched.

Chriss Murphy, JD Montoya Chriss Murphy, JD Montoya

Chriss Murphy, JD Montoya Chriss Murphy, JD Montoya

Then JD shoves his big dick inside, and we get more of these two dirty talking to each other in Spanish—something I wish more studios encouraged with their talent, no matter what language they speak (CockyBoys provides some subtitles, which I oddly think detracts from it a little? But I don’t speak Spanish, and kind of like the mystique of it all!). The hottest position has a rock-hard Chriss sitting down on that big dick, JD wrapping his arms around the bottom as his big shaft thrusts inside.

What do you think of these two newcomers? I can’t wait to see who CockyBoys introduces us to next!

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


5 thoughts on “Check Out the Studio Debut of These Two Colombian Studs”

  1. the top is hot, but sexually boring, a fuck machine but no sensuality, no kissing, no blowjob or rimming: just “the boring stuff it in and push the bottom”, mechanical sex

  2. Universal Potentate

    OMG! Chriss is delicious. JD is a perfect match for him (and EXTREMELY nice ass for a top).
    But CockyBoys needs to work on their translations.
    Come on, guys. It’s Spanish, not Egyptian hieroglyphics.

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