Chris Harder and Alex Killborn Abuse Each Other’s Asses in ‘Sexperiment,’ Episode 1

Back in October, NakedSword Originals director mr. Pam had a trip to New York already booked to be at Hustlaball, which was canceled after the whole Rentboy thing, but she and the team used the time instead to shoot this experimental, all-sex feature called Sexperiment, testing out a few new shooting techniques and styles.

As she explained then, there’s a scene with Rocco Steele getting really piggy with JD Phoenix. “They had been fuck buddies the last couple years,” says mr. Pam, “and I just really wanted to capture that raw energy they have. That scene was inspired by the stark contrasts in the way Treasure Island Media movies are shot.”

Also there’s a scene with Jacob St. Ladder (the model formerly known as Jacob Ladder) where he plays a fashionista club kid along with NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor, and they go costuming and romping around the East Village before going to home to fuck. Here’s one of the stills from that scene, which will be out next week…



The movie also stars relatively new Helix Studios and CockyBoys model Alex Killborn and Chris Harder (in a hot flip-fuck scene you can see below), and Killian James getting super piggy fucking JP Dubois.

As you can see in the feature trailer, there’s at least one cool visual effect used just to highlight Rocco Steele’s monster cock.


But now for Episode 1: “Come Back to Bed, I’m Hard,” which premieres today. It’s a “Saturday morning boyfriend fantasy with a twist,” as mr. Pam describes it, with Chris Harder getting up to relieve his morning wood by taking a piss, but then getting lured back to bed, and made hard again, by sexy Alex Killborn.



And they both rim each other’s asses and suck each other’s cocks, and both of them take a turn on the bottom, just like good boyfriend. Take note of a lot of tight camera work around those cocks, and cocks plunging into buttholes.

See how they take turns?










[NakedSword Originals: Sexperiment, Ep. 1]


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