Chris Porter Shooting For…Randy Blue?

I thought they were going to try and keep their work with Chris Porter a secret until his solo and duo scenes came out later this summer, but the jig is up!

Randy Blue director Jeremy Lucido just posted these photos of Porter filming a solo near Palm Springs this afternoon.

As far as who his first Randy Blue scene partner will be, that’s still being kept under wraps. Until his picture ends up on Tumblr tomorrow?

Stay tuned, and think red…big red.

40 thoughts on “Chris Porter Shooting For…Randy Blue?”

  1. Well, now that it is being reported that Samuel and Chris are moving to Greece (!) I guess this makes sense. Since they don’t intend to pursue their career much further, why not cash in now? Too bad but good luck to them!

      1. Wow Tony you’re more defensive than Samuel Colt is on the nasty remarks about Chris!

        But I agree I like Chris too many messy queens and the same ones over and over again come and attack him.

  2. And I agree with an earlier post… A Hazzard – Porter hookup could be damn hot. Oh fuck it…anything with Chris and a cam is hot.

  3. Queer porn nation had a quote from Chris’s twitter where he said his Stallion contract expired in July and he is no longer an exclusive. Oh that and he and Samuel are moving to Greece.

      1. I’m sure it was because RB doesn’t support their gay models as much as the straight ones. I mean, the only openly gay guy over there is Micah Bandit, right? He’s the only gay that is recurrent over there. I actually thought Chris Porter was bigger than RB, but I guess not. It’s like seeing Rod Daily over there. What a mind fuck.

        1. Wrong. Randy Blue openly gay models include: Travis James, Trent Davis, Nicco Sky, Porter Wescott, Johnny Hazzard, and dozens more.

  4. I unserstan Riley has now moved onto directing and is shooting with. A single Marcus Mojo and after is retiring from other studios. I too know Riley and he laughed his off when I asked him about a return to Randy Blue. His words “you couldn’t pay me enough. Zero interest:”

    1. It doesn’t make sense right? A Raging Stallion exclusive, who just so happens to work in the Naked Sword office working for another studio?

      Kind of defeats the purpose of exclusive contracts?

    1. I was thinking either Max London or Danny Harper. I would like to see a scene between Cayden Ross and Chris. That would be hot.

      1. Would Cayden and Chris have a butt bump-off? Thats like a Price/Porter pairing. Whod top? Its Max London– although there is no bigger red in Randy Blue History than Riley Price and that company knows it. No better bottom either, not Nicco, not Brett, not Travis. Love him or hate him, he brings it every scene.

  5. Does this mean he and Raging S are not exclusive anymore?
    I can see a Johnny Hazzard and Chris Porter pairing being fun. That said, I find the cross-pollinating between studios to be weird. Chris has a look – and Randy Blue has a type. Doesn’t seem like a perfect match but since they hired Johnny, I guess they are moving away from the clean-cut all-American look (guess Sean Cody won that niche for himself).
    Will watch because I like CP but I really wish some sites would hold on on hiring tattooed models.

        1. I know Riley Price–and he says he has NO interest in ever doing a another Randy Blue Scene. He launching his own web studio.

    1. I should think things through before posting coz I end up replying three times to my own message. But to me this is an illustration of the death of porn star thing. I think CP has everything to be one of those big stars – people love his look and he is charismatic and good performer – but seeing him in a Randy Blue video instead of big studio work sort of brings him down a notch if I can put it that way.

      1. I disagree… Randy Blue is often held in higher regard than most of the big name studios… they have the hottest models, they do great stuff, and they pay really well. I think working with RB is a great opportunity for any performer, regardless if they are new or already an established star. I personally am very excited for him.

        1. Randy Blue does have really good production values and all…I just dont know if I like that they are starting to hire porn stars. Nothing against the guys they hire….just idk. Makes sense for a model to jump because I have heard they pay good rates and seem like a good company to work for. I just wish randy blue stuck with more amateur models and turn them into porn stars….not the other way around. Cause personally I have no desire to just see two guys fuck with no storyline or anything especially when they have done a bunch of other things.

          Who knows though, maybe it will come out great.

        2. I am glad you are both enthusiastic about it since that’s all that really matters but I still feel there is a level of mystique about working for porn features rather than Randy Blue scenes. I mean, JH only went there once his studio career had pretty much died down. I just think CP had a lot of “classic” stardom ahead of him before he went the online studio route. But hey if you are happy about it, more power to him! As I said, I will watch it so at the very least it is good deal for RB

  6. And here I was just thinking the other day …when is Chris Porter going to step in front of the camera again. Yum!

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