♥♥♥ Chris Porter To Samuel Colt: “I Do!” ♥♥♥

Congratulations to Samuel Colt and Chris Porter, who announced the news of their engagement this afternoon. Don’t you just love seeing two nice people who are in love? They make me sick, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Samuel asked Chris to marry him at Crater Lake, Oregon (as seen in the above photo), and Chris obviously said, “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!” (I’m making that quote up, but he did in fact say yes.) The couple recently moved to New York City (which is coincidentally where they first met over two years ago), so they’ll presumably be married there in New York state, where same sex marriage was legalized one year ago. Look for their upcoming wedding gift registry at Nasty Pig.


37 thoughts on “♥♥♥ Chris Porter To Samuel Colt: “I Do!” ♥♥♥”

  1. yay! Congrats Samuel & Chris! you guys are so cute – that’s awesome! let me know if you need a videographer/photographer for your wedding. I loved filming you both sans clothes… with NP tuxes will be fabulous!

    congrats again!
    love mr. Pam

    1. If this is a legit side business, hon, gimme some handbills to pass around. I think mr. Pam wedding videos will be just the ticket!

  2. Well congrats to them. I think its super romantic that he prosed to him! romance isn’t dead just because we are gay!!

      1. a stable couple?? are u kidding me?

        Francesco D’Macho and François Sagat were supposed to be stable, Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin were supposed to be stable, Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse were supposed to be stable, Vinnie D’angelo and Logan McCreed were supposed to be stable…. should i go on the list or are u gonna make an another silly statement?!

        1. It was pretty obvious that Logan and Vinnie were not going to last. I saw an interview with the 2 of them and Vinnie sounded like a drama queen after getting upset that Logan revealed some personal info on their sexual activities. And Logan doesn’t know what the fuck he wants to fuck. That was a match that was clearly never going to last.

          And I was very upset to find out that Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin split. I think their downfall is that porn was too much in their lives, and made their personal sex life so boring they needed to introduce a permanent 3rd wheel just to make it interesting again. Then Daniel runs off with Juan Blas, the 3rd wheel, and they leave Pedro in the dust.

          I sure do hope they last but you know with porn couples, or former porn couples, you never know. Even Blake Harper and Colton Ford broke up well after they have both left porn.

  3. ah now I see how gay relationship works:
    fucking one guy a little bit more often than other guys means
    you’re in love with him

  4. really?? is that for real??

    oooooooooookaaay… the bets are ON!!!
    as a young french blond, i bet my pretty ass that they won’t last a year just like Damien Cross and Francesco D’Macho whose marriage was more a publicity stunt for their website Staghomme than a real proof of their love.

    we have seen it again and again… there is a french expression that we say, “love is blind, marriage restores his sight”. i wish them real happiness if they are honest with their feelings. Chris Porter is around my age, i hope for Samuel that he’s truly ready for commitment despite his youth because marriage and responding to the feelings of love aren’t a laughing matter.

    good luck for them.


      1. which part exactly was pretentious? i wasn’t talking about me, neither about the frenchies.
        i was talking about Chris and Samuel. i’m just saying that they should at least do better than Franscesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse to prove me that i’m wrong.

    1. I literally met Samuel in person July 3rd in Columbus for Red, White and Boom and I have to say, there’s nothing fake about him or his relationship; nothing “publicity stunt” about it. He does the “job” people like us know him through FOR fun and still he has a full time job outside of that (for those who remember his webmaster days for Hot House before he became “Samuel Colt”, he’s still in the tech business). He couldn’t help but bring up Chris (and Erik Rhodes for that matter, so that was a real friendship, not just name-dropping like some people have been claiming) and we had a very enlightening conversation and he answered every single question I posed to him and even remembered that we had spoken on Twitter prior to meeting a week before. That’s character.

      Nothing fake about him and I’m very happy he popped the question finally.

  5. If he said I DO, that would mean they got married. He said YES to a proposal. Why are writing, facts and details so difficult for you?
    PS – Sooooooo glad Samuel had his best sleeveless tee on for the proposal! Romance is not dead ya’ll!

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