CockyBoys Names Six Exclusives for 2023

CockyBoys unveiled its list of 2023 studio exclusives, featuring six performers that have already put in memorable work for the studio.

Daniel Evans, who first signed as an exclusive with the studio in late 2021, headlines the list. The other five include four popular stars you probably thought were already exclusive with CockyBoys anyway—Tristan Hunter, Lane Colten, Greyson Myles and Evans’ real-life boyfriend, Evan Knoxx—and rising star Nick Floyd, who has had an incredible 2023 so far.

CockyBoys CockyBoys


“These guys are some of the sexiest, most compelling, and charismatic performers that I’ve ever worked with and they certainly standout in the industry as a whole,” touted CockyBoys owner and director Jake Jaxson. “There isn’t a more connected, in tune, and more ‘now’ group of guys out there. I can’t wait to show the world our new projects and keep pushing the envelope to create a new energy unlike anything we’ve done.”

Daniel Evans, Evan Knoxx Lane Colten, Nick Floyd

Greyson Myles, Tristan Hunter

These studs have already performed together frequency, resulting in some of the hottest scenes in the last few years—including Dan and Evan’s hot flip fuck, Lane sliding his big dick into limber bottom Nick’s hole, and Greyson sitting down on Tristan’s big dick. Who are you most excited to see more of? What pairings do you want CockyBoys to film? (coughDom King fucking Nick Floyd*cough)

See all of these studs at CockyBoys!  (And you can also see half of them in a hot threeway before they became CockyBoys exclusives, with Tristan, Daniel and Evan putting on a hot show at Falcon!)

28 thoughts on “CockyBoys Names Six Exclusives for 2023”

  1. Sigh There was a time when being an “exclusive” meant something. These days, every porn model has several scenes already in the can for every major studio as well as an OnlyFans or a something like that to promote themselves, so really… are they really “exclusive?” I doubt it.

    1. this is my thing too. i dont care about them being all white im more annoyed at the fact that none of these guys feel exclusive since ive seen dozens of scenes from them already. greyson myles is farily new still but the other five guys aren’t doing anything for me lately.

  2. L'il Buttercup

    If you like Lane Colton, check out his OnlyFans, where he delivers joy and passion and fun whie flipping unlike anything the constraints of studio porn deliver.

  3. LMAO, can they get any more whiter. But what do we expect from a company y that supported Trump voter Colby keller.

    1. If you that butthurt about their selection of guys, then start your own studio and find all the nonwhite guys you want to work for you. Good luck.

  4. Universal Potentate

    Studio exclusivity in this market is the real issue. We live in an era where their income potential is based upon how many potential wallets they can get their faces in front of. We don’t know the details of these contracts but I HOPE that a certain degree of media/social media exposure is built into the contract.

    1. Say the contract is for a year. This would be a way to build a fan base, while having some stable income, and time to film content to create a back library for a fan based web site. Maybe find a deep pocket sponsor or two.

      1. Universal Potentate

        I agree. I don’t think a contract like this is a death sentence, especially based on contract duration. I just hope at a certain point these things which are obvious to us become obvious to them … or their managers.
        I have my doubts.

  5. Great to see 6 hot guys, looking forward to seeing more of them. Bit sad to see all the racist comments though, who gives a shit what colour the guys are just enjoy them. Jeez, not everything has to be about race.

    1. Well maybe if more POC actually got into gay porn there would be a bit more diversity, till then how about you keep your racism in check!! Imagine if this post was all black guys and I posted a dumb ass comment like…6 black guys, what a fricking surprise!!

    2. Then how about trying and then getting more non white guys to nut up and do gay porn. Easier said than done you racist prick, black guys just do not respond/reply to any porn outlets. Until then white guys are easily gonna be primarily the only ones willing to do gay porn. Until the black community changes their own self destructive attitude and allows more black guys into gay porn,then I reckon everyone should shut their ill informed and racist mouth.

      1. I’m asian and I also find the lack of asians here insulting. People of color are allowed to express their frustration with the lack of representation.

        1. Universal Potentate

          No one cares if you’re offended because midget Polynesian with left eyeball tattoos are not in every gay porn line up!
          No one thinks black people aren’t in gay porn or aren’t “trying hard enough.”
          You’re both 2 sides of the same idiot coin.
          The studio chose who they chose for business reasons. Knock it off!

          1. @universalprostate You seem very unhinged. I think you need you’re the one that needs counseling. Demonizing Asian and Black people for wanting representation isn’t the flex you think it is. Oh and by the way I’m not Polynesia, I’m Korean but I’m not surprised people like you generalize all Asians as the same.

      1. Then maybe try and get more coloured guys into porn… but if there are none willing to do it, then how can you expect any representation..therefore if no black guys want to do gay porn, then there will obviously be no black guys being seen in porn!!!

    1. Get a grip moron…the reason they are all white is because no POC are fronting up to get filmed in gay porn…till you black people get over your homophobia I suggest you either shut up and live with it..or change your attitudes!!

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