CockyBoys Re-Uses ‘One Erection’ Joke For Boy-Band Mockumentary, Releases Teaser

That boy-band mockumentary that Chi Chi LaRue flew to New York to help CockyBoys with looks to be coming out in the new year (there’s no release date yet), but it now has a title: One Erection: The Un-Making of a Boy Band.

As Queer Me Now is quick to point out today, that name/title was already used for a porn parody of One Direction by Czech studio SauVage in 2014 called One Erection, and they made a One Erection 2 that came out a month later.

CockyBoys’ version stars Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson, Liam Riley, Allen King, Kody Stewart, Rikk York, and Trenton Ducati — and I guess the premise is going to be that the band, called New Direction, goes to a shoot a music video in the same location where Trenton is shooting a porn scene — this is loosely based on the coincidence in which the same ornate set in London where part of The King’s Speech was filmed and where Amy Winehouse shot the music video for “Rehab” turned out to have been used by UK Naked Men for a scene in 2011.

In this version, the set they happen to be sharing is the bar Easternbloc in New York’s East Village, and Trenton squeals like a girl when the boy band walks in on him with a raging hard on, saying, “OMG is that New Direction?!” And of course Chi Chi is in it too, as the director.

And what do you bet Trenton fucks two or three of them?

Sidebar: Allen King isn’t mentioned in the first promo copy for the movie and doesn’t appear in the teaser, but he’s clearly on the box cover/main image, so…

See the full teaser and more here.

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