Canyon Cole, Angel Elias

Cutie Canyon Cole Makes CockyBoys Debut

Well hello there, Canyon Cole! This twink debuted last year and has appeared in a handful of scenes in the SayUncle family (mostly MissionaryBoys, with some FamilyDick) and then last month had a scene at CorbinFisher.

But now the cutie is making his CockyBoys debut—and taking the big curvy cock of Angel Elias up both his holes! Would you just look at Canyon…

Canyon Cole

Canyon Cole, Angel Elias

Canyon Cole, Angel Elias

Canyon Cole, Angel Elias

And right away, we see how amazing he is at sucking dick, making Angel’s big uncut dick disappear—planting his lips to the base of that bushy shaft. And he does it while looking up with those bedroom eyes (his eyebrows are so expressive!). Canyon is adorable, and I expect we will see a lot more of him this year.

Canyon Cole, Angel Elias Canyon Cole, Angel Elias

Canyon Cole, Angel Elias Canyon Cole, Angel Elias

Angel then sucks the twink back before munching his hole, making it a wet mess before he slides that cock inside (they both have some nice dirty talk here, with Angel making the bottom beg for his cock). After taking it on his back, Canyon shows off his flexibility in a reverse piledriver—then sits down on that slab and shoots his load over the top before taking a facial. What hung tops would you like to see get Canyon’s crack next?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


12 thoughts on “Cutie Canyon Cole Makes CockyBoys Debut”

  1. Universal Potentate

    A preview showed the top n bottom’s asses & holes. Excellent! Now let’s do something about that weird 80s bath house elevator music.

    1. or this boring set design….how many times, someone fucked now in exact this set? Is this real “CockyBoys” ….? From Project GoGoboys to project Junk ?
      This guys do it better on theire own onlyfans pages….

        1. Clearly you don’t Universal Potenfuck. Your house must be one nasty ghetto piece of shit. A reflection of yourself you crusty scab.

      1. budgets must be going down, they def dont produce big pieces like they used to. I used to be in awe of thier productions… but guess that didnt bring in money. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell cockyboys to a monopoly studio down the line

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