cockyboys quarantine docuseries

CockyBoys Releases Erotic Quarantine Docuseries

CockyBoys just dropped the first episode of their new limited docuseries, (Lock) Down But Not Out. The series is set to explore how some of your favorite CockyBoys stars are dealing with the current lockdown. We will get a glimpse at how they are managing their time, overcoming their upsets, and finding ways to reconnect to their sexual-self.

“We are all living through a shared collective experience, yet everyone’s experience is not equal in terms of effect and shared sacrifice,” said CockyBoys CEO and director Jake Jaxson. “There are so many days I wrestle and question myself, my purpose, my future as I try and find a mental balance that keeps me focused and grateful.”

cockyboys quarantine docuseries

The company also issued a statement saying, “(Lock) Down But Not Out shows us that sexual health is not to be ignored as nothing makes one feel more alive, empowered, and in control than the act of a consensual sexual experience— and for many that act will be self-love, and it is a key to helping find a mental and physical balance, especially now that we actually have the time to do it.”

Watch the first episode of the docuseries features Tayte Hanson and Lucas Champagne. Other episodes will highlight Ben Masters, Avery Jones, Brock Banks, and Austin Avery.

Watch the entire first episode over on CockyBoys!



3 thoughts on “CockyBoys Releases Erotic Quarantine Docuseries”


    The series looks wonderful. Well done and highly erotic. Congrats CockyBoys for being creative in these days of quarantine, and offering us a sane, safe alternative to the usual fare.

  2. It isn’t sex that makes one feel alive, it’s the experience of consistent LOVE! Have you not learned anything from the AIDS nightmare? Evidently, not! Porn is porn; sex is sex. DO NOT DECEIVE for a buck!

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