CockyBoys Wraps Up Spooky ‘Meeting Liam’ Series, and Nick Sterling Fucks a Newcomer Against a Tree

Checking in on the CockyBoys universe, the fourth and final scene of their Halloween-y Liam Riley vehicle Meeting Liam arrived, and Nick Sterling makes an appearance in an outdoors-y fuck scene with newcomer Lev Ivankov.

The latest feature from director Jake Jaxson brings the boys back to the same autumnal turf of 2013’s The Haunting, namely Jaxson’s country house in the Hudson River Valley. And he does love a good creepy storyline, but this time there’s some Blair Witch-y elements and gonzo camera action.

Tiny, twinky Liam Riley is in all the scenes, starting with a fuck with his real-life buddy Levi Karter — whom Jaxson credits with getting Liam on the CockyBoys squad to begin with.

And this thing is kind of a commitment, clocking in at 4 hours, with each part lasting about an hour and containing a lot of freaked out wandering in the dark, as well as some sex scenes.

Here, for example, is a clip from Part 3, in which you get a jerkoff scene with Tayte Hanson, and a scene where Ricky Roman fucks Liam while Tayte films it on his phone and sort of directs, but there is also a lot of haunted-house-y stuff and some scrabbling around in the woods.

And here’s Part 4, which brings with it the introduction of extremely sexy new CockyBoy Michael Milano — who I guess is Ricky Roman’s real-life boyfriend — as a “mysterious ranger” who shows up at the house to wave a gun around and, naturally, fuck Liam’s hole before he leaves.



Also, the finale has Tayte Hanson getting DP’d for the first time, by Levi and Ricky.


In other CockyBoys news, they just recruited former Randy Blue and Hot House model Nick Sterling (who lives in New York and is a creative director behind the Black Party), and they’ve got another new face making his debut with an uncut dick, Lev Ivankov.

In front of some pretty autumn leaves as a backdrop, Nick fucks Lev against a tree.









[CockyBoys: Meeting Liam]
[CockyBoys: Nick Sterling and Lev Ivankov]

5 thoughts on “CockyBoys Wraps Up Spooky ‘Meeting Liam’ Series, and Nick Sterling Fucks a Newcomer Against a Tree”

  1. I don’t really want to rag on Liam Riley, but CB made a HUGE mistake casting this guy. The concept of “Meeting Liam” was unique, a little scary and down-right innovative for porn, but Liam totally ruined it for me – I had to fastward through the sections he was in and it broke the continuity of the film. The 3-way between Ricky, Tate and Levi was freaking hot though – best part of the series!

  2. hmm i’m not attracted to Ricky roman’s so called new boyfriend (that’s bullsit) but i love my twink bottom boys here, and yeah Ricky should bottom too

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