CockYourVote: Calvin Klein’s or Mormon Underwear

MormonBoyz wear sacred underwear. Most of the rest of us boys find what’s inside them to be the sacred part. What kind of a boy are you?

Mormon missionaries are clean-cut 18-year-old boys, sexually pure, discovering their sexuality complete with the mandatory, secret underwear that arouses the curiosity even in heretics like us. Our rights of passage in the journey of sexual discovery quite often included some quality time in the bathroom with the latest Calvin Klein ad.

Of course, what’s even more important than why you get on your knees is what you find when you get there.

So as long as we’re in the gayborhood: CockYourVote: Calvin Klein’s or Mormon Underwear?

Calvin Klein’s
Mormon Underwear

Calvin Klein’s

Mormon Underwear


Calvin Klein’s



Will Elder Sorenson be inseminated by ordination? Have the founders found of worthy of his sacred underwear? We’ll see you back here for Mormon Mondays.

We’ve put together some souvenir Morman swag – including the genuine secret shorts. Winners will be drawn at random from any commenters on an MormonBoyz post for the rest of the summer. More details on Monday as well.

But until then …
Since the whole reason we dressed in the first place is really in the hopes someone will want to see us undressed …

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