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Wesley Woods: Raw or Naw?

All things being equal, many would opt for Wesley Woods fucking bare yesterday. But today, all things aren’t equal. Is a condom still your deal breaker?

Looking at Johnny V and Wesley Woods in “On The Market” today from Hot House V. Wesley and Markie More yesterday from NextDoorRaw, I think the studio, the director, and the story impacted the finished product a lot more than a piece of latex. What say you?

wesley woods johnny v hot house
The story: We can fast forward through the set up. But the actors can’t do the same through filming them. Running even a few lines can take a while. Yesterday, the insipid story line at NextDoorRaw took up over 11 minutes of screen time before we saw any skin. By the time the had that much dialogue in can, the models were as over it as we were

wesley woods johnny v hot house
By comparison, at the same point today, Johnny V had already played sword swallower for Wesley and it was Wesley’s turn.

wesley woods johnny v hot house
The director: Rocco Fallon at NextDoorRaw think he’s a storyteller first. He is. I just don’t like the stories. Or how he tells them. Tony Dimarco at Falcon Studios Group understands the plot is to frame the action. Not the other way around.

The studio: NextDoorRaw has bad music, and too often lousy pictures, harsh lighting, and camera work that is hit and miss. “On The Market” is on point in those areas. If this is indicative of what we’re going to see from Hot House in the future, bring it on.

wesley woods johnny v hot house
Did Wesley get creampied and give himself a taste test yesterday? Yes. Was it worth an hour to get there? Hardly. In less than half the time, Johnny V gets his own mouthful today.

[Watch Johnny V and Wesley Woods in “On The Market” from Hot House]

Comparing a raw flip to a wrapped fuck on paper is an “apple and oranges” comparison for many one way or another. But “Handy Handyman” is one of NextDoorRaw’s better efforts lately:

[Watch Wesley Woods and Markie More in “Handy Handyman” from NextDoorRaw]

Is a condom a throttle on how hot a scene can be? What say you? Which one did you find hotter?

8 thoughts on “Wesley Woods: Raw or Naw?”

  1. Consider the difference may be that in the condom one he was with fellow gay guys and in the raw one he was with a gay4pay guy? I think the one with Jack Hunter bareback was one of his hottest! Can’t believe that Bromo made it.

  2. Hot is hot. Raw is usually a low-rent bummer. Condoms show some self respect- and definitely don’t turn me off.

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