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It’s Official: Colby Jansen Takes His New Signature Site Live

Jack Hunter is already flipping for The question is, will it have the same effect on you?

Colby Jansen made his permanent mark on gay porn by making the “dad bod” sexy. Sexy enough that he bid a permanent adieu and stuck out on his own. We took a look when Colby offered a sneak peek to his site, just before Thanksgiving. And so did a lot of people. In fact, though it was only intended to be what known in biz as a “soft launch,” the amount of traffic it recieved actually caused the site to crash.

Now is all fortified for prime time. They begins their regular updates today with “Party On” where Colby flips with Jack Hunter.

From the beginning, Colby promised his site would be “a hot and unprecedented look into his fantasy world.” Clearly, that dad bod in action has plenty of admirers.

colby jansen jack hunter flip fuckAs it turns out, part of that turns out to be, at least initially, his joys of both giving and receiving. If nothing else, Colby has already fixed one thing: Jack Hunter’s big dick often goes to waste because he’s such a hot bottom. That is not the case today.

colby jansen jack hunter flip fuckActually, Colby also solved another Jack Hunter issue: he manages to swallow Jack’s mighty meat right down to the short and curlies.

colby jansen jack hunter flip fuckSliding his considerable full length up and down like a conquering hero, Jack mounts that hefty butt while slapping those beefy cheeks

colby jansen jack hunter flip fuckSwitching things up, “the notorious Colby Jansen Rim Job” does it’s job and has Jack’s hole ready for a pounding of its own. And one, two, three, flip again. The Hunter becomes the gatherer and pummels the big man again until he’s dripping in two heavy loads.

[Watch Jack Hunter & Colby in “Party On”]

6 thoughts on “It’s Official: Colby Jansen Takes His New Signature Site Live”

  1. Why’s so difficult to understand or believe in male bisexuality? He has an open marriage because his wife possibly lets him enjoy his sexuality. But what I like the most about the site is Colby himself. I can relate to his body and shape, the guys he fucks and places where it happens.

  2. What has it come to when a straight guy is the signature for a gay porn site? So once you fuck Johnny Rapid enough times you become an expert on gay sex, really?. JR is straight too.

    1. This is Colby Jansen on his sexuality.

      This is something that kind of cracks me up. I’ve seen the comments on blogs and videos and damn there are some hateful people out there banging away on their keyboards. I’ve said in the past that I am “try-sexual” or “yes-sexual”. I like sex – reeeeeeally like sex! I enjoy women, men and male to female transsexuals. Does this make me “bisexual” or “gay” – I don’t know. I go to gay clubs and bars, I have sex with men on camera, I have Grindr & Scruff accounts, I also have sex with women and my wife Gia. So, to set the record straight? I’m truly bisexual and I really don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks

  3. I love me some Colby. But he’s looking like he needs a few days to get some sleep, eat healthy and to dry out.

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