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Exclusive: Watch the X-Rated Music Video For Colton Ford’s ‘Handle It’

Ever since Colton Ford made his adult film debut over two decades ago, this muscle daddy has been considered by many (including us here at The Sword) as one of the greatest gay porn stars of all time. Colton has since retired from studio work to instead focus on his long and successful music career, but that doesn’t mean he’s done showing off his body and his more-than-impressive piece though. Thanks to the new X-rated music video for his smash single Handle It – that you can watch exclusively here on The Sword – stans everywhere are able to satisfy their cravings for this fan favorite superstar as he sings out the new track he created with producer Spin Sista.

Filmed on location in Palm Springs at The Barracks and in Snap Studios, the video features explicit appearances from the singer’s real-life porn star friends Drew Sebastian, Mack Austin and Macho Dog, all men who range from 60 years told to being in their thirties, as they party the night away, strip down and grab a handful of each other’s meat. Colton contends that the highly sexualized scenes in the video affirm the trend of cross-generational sexuality.

“There was intense chemistry between the four of us, and you see it, especially in the explicit version of the video,” Ford laughs. “I think it’s wonderful that men in different stages of their lives are finding common ground on the dancefloor and in bedrooms… Giving ourselves permission to explore ourselves and our lives, including the wonderful experiences we share with others as we move through it, is liberating!”

Handle It acts as the first single off Colton’s just-released album Permission with the single describing the track as “the kind of ooey gooey R&B song that I love.” This and other songs on the album cover a wide spectrum of narratives, from lustful encounters to falling in love, love lost and dealing with infidelity. The new album, made up of contemporary R&B and pop songs, also delivers messages on aging and coming out of the closet.

Check out the full XXX video for Handle It below, head here if you want to see some of Colton’s past adult work, and after you’re done with that, be sure to check out the full Permission album over on Spotify and all other major music services. While you’re at it, also make sure you’re subscribed to this stud on YouTube and are following him over on Instagram!


28 thoughts on “Exclusive: Watch the X-Rated Music Video For Colton Ford’s ‘Handle It’”

  1. He is in tune and the song is likeable. What more do you want? Hiding behind an Anonymous pseudonym further devalues your mean comments. Unless you’ve released a better song, just STFU

    Haters need to read the instructions for leaving comments
    “don’t be a DICK”

  2. If you don’t have anything nice to say about a person, just shut the fuck up! It never cease to amaze me how we tear each other apart and we complain that straight people hate us! Look in the mirror bitches, you are all haters! Shame on you all!

    1. I can understand your reasoning, Bernie. There is truth in it. However, I believe that the criticisms here were related to the video and not an attack on the singer as a human being.

  3. Nose and nipple piercings? Are we still in 1989? Oh, I didn’t know we hadn’t evolved in time! What an ugly, horrible, unglamorous video! And, to top it off, it looks more like an advertisement for poppers, something extremely harmful for the gay community. FDA has already warned about the severe dangers of this unhealthy product.

  4. The vibe of the song doesn’t match the video at all, also, successful music career?! Ah yes, the world famous record label “woop woop productions.” Like he has some talent, but let’s not get carried away here. Still as handsome as ever though.

  5. I’ve always thought he was underrated with his singing because his voice is incredible and he should be on the Billboard charts. This song is my song of the Summer

    1. I am a fan of R&B and loved the vibe of the music. It just seems like something a much younger man would be singing. Also the venue was the wrong place for that kind of song. But I must admit that he still sexy.

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