Timothy Chance, Bruce Jones

Head To The Mall Men’s Room If You Wanna Bust A Nut

Have you ever been out at your local shopping mall and accidentally walked in on a hot daddy pissing in a single-stall men’s room? Did he then welcome you in and keep his cock out for you to suck? Then, did you guys flip-fuck on the toilet and up against the restroom sink? Well, if you personally identified with any of those questions, then you might have something in common with Timothy Chance.

For the latest episode of Raging Stallion’s Tongue In Cheek, Timothy is out shopping when he gets into an impromptu hookup with Bruce Jones in the mall’s public restroom. As the movie’s title suggests, the two spend some time putting their tongues in each other’s cheeks with some rimming action before both daddies completely strip down and take turns barebacking each other holes until Timothy’s mouth is full of fresh nut. Take a look below:

Got any hot thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and to see even more from this public restroom fuck, click on over to RagingStallion.com!

[Watch TONGUE IN CHEEK ft. Timothy Chance & Bruce Jones]


5 thoughts on “Head To The Mall Men’s Room If You Wanna Bust A Nut”

  1. There was an adult movie drive in theater when I was a teenager that I would go to sometimes. It had a great bathroom. There was only on long urnial and you could see everyone’s piece. Some were great looking other’s not so great. I often would be able to go down on some of the guys, great looking and not so great looking. the drive-in has since been torn down and a big Catholic
    Church sits on the spot.

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