Conner Habib Makes The Local News In Upstate New York

If it bleeds cums, it leads? Local news may be dying (or already dead) across the country, but there’s nothing like a little gay porn controversy to liven things up as the “top story.” Here’s Conner Habib (who is usually a bottom), that awful community college asshole Katherine Douglas, and some hunky gay college students on upstate New York NBC affiliate WETM.

I hate to sexually objectify an innocent college student (no I don’t), but that LGBT group president Brandon is fucking hottttt.

36 thoughts on “Conner Habib Makes The Local News In Upstate New York”

  1. I’ve never been more attracted to Conner than I was watching him in that video. He’s hot and has a brain, always a good combo.

  2. Seeing that this was a “community college,” having Habib speak as a sex authority would just perpetuate the stigma that community colleges are second-rate. I know he does some video blogging, and puts himself out there as a sex expert. But I haven’t really seen him do anything that would suggest he is really qualified to be called an “expert.” Most of his advice is amateurish in both content and delivery. But I do think he could provide some valuable insights, and that he would be very qualified to be on a panel alongside four or five others. That discussion format would help diffuse the “porn star” aspect, and provide a good spectrum of experience and perspective.

  3. i sometimes feel ashamed to be bisexual because when something happen gay people yell “it’s because im gay” no bitch it’s because you do porn and that’s the same thing that happend to sasha grey but she didnt make it out to be a big deal…

    1. When Sasha Grey did it, I thought it was strange that those cell pics were taken in the first place–I mean, what elementary student takes cell pics and posts them online? I don’t think teachers would take pictures and post them online either. Those kids are minors, and teachers aren’t supposed to have pics of their students taken without special permission.

      So I’m thinking it was staged. And it worked as Sasha went on a media blitz after it happened.

      I don’t think this incident with Conner was staged, I think it was made up to be something bigger than it was. Did he have other cancellations on his “tour”? No. Did he get paid? Yes. So no harm, no foul.

  4. You don’t have to “intellectualize” something that doesn’t take much brain power to begin with. He is not marginalized, they paid him for his services despite cancelling. Shit happens. Get over it.

  5. More power to Mr Habib.

    He could have just taken his cancellation fee and gone out for the night, instead he used it to get to the college and deliver his lecture in a library. He did the honorable thing.

  6. They act like he was there to perform a sex act on a live stage. The man has done other things with his life BESIDES porn. For crying out loud.

  7. I’m not sure I agree with the labels they’ve put on Conner to make him sound more viable a speaker, but he is a very good speaker. And he usually approaches sexual subject matter in a very respectful and mature manner.

  8. Conner Habib is highly educated having taught at the graduate level at UMass Amherst. He is also a published author and is continuing his graduate education and combine that with being a porn star that makes him a perfect guest lecturer on sexuality issues. I support him 100 percent.

    1. He needs to stop wasting his money on education then. I would assume since he’s studying the liberal arts he thinks he will be a professor. There’s really not much else you can do with an advanced liberal arts degree. When his students get wind of his prodigious porn past, they will circulate his pics and he’ll be out of a job instantly. There’s no way busybody parents would allow their kids to be taught by a gay porn performer. The dean, provost, or president will have him out on his ass.

  9. Agreed, Brandon is hot & gorgeous. Unfortunate the Pres. of the college is so uptight about Habbib speaking & feels the need to censor what is seen on campus.

  10. HOLY CRAP that Brandon dude was fucking gorgeous. I like when he threw in philosopher when referring to Habib, in a way that kind of seemed like he knew he was bullshitting just a little bit.

  11. I thought this was going to make Conner look messy like when Collin O’Neal looked when talking to the news reporters, but it did not.

    And yes I agree Zach Brandon is kind of hot.

    1. You’re assuming just because he’s a porn star that he has nothing intellectually valuable to contribute. I don’t think that’s a fair judgement. The topic of discussion was based around sex, culture and sexuality into which, considering he works in the sex industry, he would probably have some interesting insights.

      1. NOPE
        Please DONT assume what I say. The high price of college is expensive enough. No need to pay wanna-be porn stars to dribble about nonsense and increase my tuition. That money the college spent is better in buying books for someone or lowering the price of tuition. They can bring a homeless guy to say the same things this guy would say. This guy is a C list porn star. Who cares!

    2. She totally said ” . . . in my BREAST professional judgement . . .” – Seriously. Also, this reporter is an idiot. Connor wasn’t going to speak about pornography explicitly as his closing comment suggests.

      1. well, the subject would have come up in questioning with audience members… I mean, they are in college. So i’m certain the conversation would have taken a turn to the porno talk…and completely undermined the whole point of the discussion.

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