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#CelebrityCock: The Connor Hunter Video

Connor Hunter is another graduate from the MTV pre-porn finishing academy. But this time, no faceless pics or grainy snaps. Just the full monty at 24 frames a second.

Connor Hunter took a page right out fellow MTV UK’s “Ex On The Beach” Brandon Mayer’s playbook.

He too extended his 15 minutes of almost fame on social media and eventually dropped trou on the gay porn site FitYounMen.

But as our #CelebrityCock partners at Cocktails and Cocktalk recently unearthed, while he might not totally measure up to Brandon, then again, few do, it’s pretty easy to see why, and how he passed his audition.

connor hunter mtv nakedConnor goes from fair to bronze, brunette to blonde and the ability for his abs to play hide and seek are the things hate and envy are made of.

connor hunter mtv nakedHow many guys can pull off the male equivalent of an up-skirt photo?

connor hunter mtv nakedHe calls his modeling days as the “time I was in the best shape of my life.”

connor hunter mtv nakedHe had no problem showing his booty for the ladies.

connor hunter mtv nakedOr dropping trou for the aforementioned FitYounMen shoot.\



There’s a reason why they call NakedSword the “Netflix of Gay Porn”
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He even wants to help you have hair that looks as good as his.

connor hunter mtv nakedBut as for his career path, he’s now also selling private looks at his privates as part of OnlyFans provocateurs.

See what happens after you turn in a good audition?

Would you hit that? Me too.


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