adam ramzi mitch vaughn cum swapping

Cum Swapping With Adam And Mitch

Incredibly ripped, Mitch Vaughn gets more than a little from this top in inches and fluid.

Sometimes, when you can tell from the looks in their eyes and their body language that these are two men that need to fuck. When the overt display of sexual signals propel you to think “get a room” watching them. This scene from “Beards” from TitanMen with Mitch Vaughn and Adam Ramzi is one of those times.

They don’t a room exactly. But after seeing what they do get into, you’ll probably want to get a barber’s chair to try this at home.

adam ramzi mitch vaughn cum swapping
Long before Mitch and Adam are dripping in cum, they are dipping in chemistry. Not the “hearts and flowers” variety, but something decidedly and palpably primal. They aren’t playing for the camera. They are playing with each other. These are two men who not only look great together, they know how to push each other’s buttons.

adam ramzi mitch vaughn cum swapping
Like when Mitch has his dick dancing like a snake just a millimeter from Adam’s hungry mouth. That puddle of precum between Adam’s hairy thighs didn’t get there by itself.

adam ramzi mitch vaughn cum swapping
Their game of a Little Off the Top turns into a match of Whore on the Floor.

adam ramzi mitch vaughn cum swapping
Moving back to the chair, Mitch spreads wide and blows a big load with Adam buried deep in his hole. Adam’s load follows, mixing with Mitch’s on Mitch’s ripped abs. Then Adam takes a handful of both, swirls them together and serves Mitch the ultimate cock-tale. And oh yes, Mitch feeds him that jizzy backwash right to the kisser.

[Watch Mitch Vaughn & Adam Ramzi in “Beards” scene three]

12 thoughts on “Cum Swapping With Adam And Mitch”

  1. What would anyone be complaining about? Adam looks amazing. Most guys wished they looked that sexy. Haters are nuts.

  2. With this shitness u show idk who watch u…. first u show it is some kind raw fuck then they use condom.. then they look on 50+ Adam Looks so shit this days dik is he has some decease or what happened with that men?!?!

  3. I don’t know what it is (well, actually it was that first scene for Cockyboys), but I find myself responding m ore to Ramzi than I have previously. Something about the new grooming regimen is just working for me.

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