Angel Santana, Noah Fox

Cute Newcomer Angel Santana Mounts a Big Dick in Studio Debut

With his tight bod, killer smile, thick dick and charming accent, Chilean newcomer Angel Santana is absolutely adorable. And like fellow newcomer Noah Fox, he’s also versatile—and the two flip fuck each other in this impressive debut.

We first met hung and laid-back Noah three months ago when he made his studio debut riding the girthy dick of Jacob Acosta. He followed that up with a flip with Tristan Hunter, and now he’s back again to break in another newcomer. And the opening interview alone—where an excited Angel has a super-wide smile on his face, with Noah sometimes translating for him—is just as much fun to watch as the sex that follows.

Angel Santana, Noah Fox Angel Santana, Noah Fox

Angel Santana, Noah Fox Angel Santana, Noah Fox

The two get started by slurping each other’s cocks (Angel will learn how to deep throat a big dick like Noah’s better over time), and Angel is packing a nice one that’s thick at the base. The newcomer then eats out Noah (and gets in more slurps on that big dick, which he grabs from underneath) before fucking him from behind, showing off an aggressive side as he pins the bottom to the couch and uses his foot to press Noah’s head down (oh my!). He also shows us a little foot worship by licking Noah’s toes (you have quite a few tricks up your sleeve, Angel!).

Angel Santana, Noah Fox Angel Santana, Noah Fox

Angel Santana, Noah Fox Angel Santana, Noah Fox

Noah gets on his back to take it some more, his big dick rock hard as he gets fucked (with both of them taking turns stroking it, a great visual). The two then switch positions as Noah eats out the newcomer before Angel rides his big dick, also staying stiff as he bounces up and down. He’s also at attention when he gets on his back, the camera looking down at his hot bod as he takes it. What do you think of these two newcomers? (And did Angel gets haircut tips from Austin Sugar?)

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


9 thoughts on “Cute Newcomer Angel Santana Mounts a Big Dick in Studio Debut”

  1. Universal Potentate

    OMG!! That was amazingly. Good camera work. Excellent versatility. These two are definitely good scene partners. That was fantastic!
    Definitely remember Noah Fox in the huge dick category!

    1. Universal Potentate

      What world are you living in? I see every combination of race, size, body type, age group (NOT my fave).
      I think you might be mentally editing certain results while being triggered by others.

  2. Love this scene since there is flip flopping. Not only that but both are hung. Noah makes me want to things to him he never thought of. OINK!

    1. Honestly, I’m not a fan if two young guys fucking but this scene changed my mind – it’s the two big cocks and they flip flop! Really HOT video! And, they are really into all the sucking and fucking!

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