Tristan Hunter, Noah Fox

How Do You Size Up to Hung Flippers Tristan Hunter & Noah Fox?

Last month when we first met Noah Fox as he made his studio debut getting impaled by the big dick of Jacob Acosta, we kept thinking: “This cutie’s dick is too big to just be a bottom!” Now we get our wish as he flips in is sophomore scene.

And what better person to pop Noah’s versatile cherry than Tristan Hunter, arguably the best flipper in the business? While this isn’t part of CockyBoys’ Surrender series, it sort of looks like it could be. It starts with Tristan trying to reel in a big one as he fishes—and soon gets his wish when he spots Noah watching him with his big dick out, slapping it into his hand and making a hefty sound.

Tristan Hunter, Noah Fox Tristan Hunter, Noah Fox

Tristan is soon deep throating Noah’s long uncut cock, getting a hot face fucking in the great outdoors. Noah returns the favor, feasting on the stranger’s big and girthy shaft (which looks so thick in the sucker’s hand and mouth…but please use less hand, Noah!). He then sits down on the stud, fucking Tristan’s hand with his boner as he rides the top (I love this!).

Tristan Hunter, Noah Fox

Tristan Hunter, Noah Fox

Tristan then gets fingered and munched as Noah warms up his hole before they switch fuck positions. Tristan takes it doggy, the hottest shots looking up at the top’s huge dick going in, his balls slamming Tristan’s hole. Tristan’s big boner then slams Noah’s stomach as he rides him (this is why I love Tristan so much!). The bottom then gets on his back, his shaft nice and plump as he gets plowed. The top soon pulls out and they shoot their hot loads together, Noah driving his dick back in before stroking them both together (another little touch that I love!).

Tristan Hunter, Noah Fox

Tristan Hunter, Noah Fox

What do you think of Noah as a top? Would you rather fuck or get fucked by Tristan?

See  the full scene at CockyBoys!


17 thoughts on “How Do You Size Up to Hung Flippers Tristan Hunter & Noah Fox?”

  1. I’m a little disturbed that the comments calling Tristan Hunter out for his racism has been wiped off from the comment section. Porn industry doesn’t care about racism it seems.

    1. The comments on this post have been moderated due to one person posing as multiple users to carry on entire conversations with themself. The Sword and Falcon | NakedSword reserve the right to moderate comments on The Sword if they are spam coming from one account.

    2. Universal Potentate

      Unfounded slander should be removed.
      I see so much nonsense on these boards about criminal records, partner abuse, etc. to which there is NO record.
      Now Tristan’s a racist because of “deleted tweets”?
      But you find the editing of nonsense disturbing, not the nonsense itself?
      “Why won’t site runner let me troll? I’m so disturbed! Waahhh!!!”
      Please just go away.

  2. I’m not a big fan of flip scenes. I like it best when the models play one role and play it well. It’s hottest when one guy shows he was born to bottom and the other guy shows he was born to top.

    1. Universal Potentate

      Wow! I COMPLETELY disagree. I find roles boring, like you’re half a sexual being.
      I think it would be a good survey to see if viewers prefer switches or roles.

      1. I’m sure I’m in the minority. I actually prefer guys who are total tops and never bottom and bottoms who never top. In porn they are very rare. The bottoms that come closest to being exclusive bottoms are Ruslan Angelo, Allen King, Dean Young, Jesse Stone, Austin Avery, Alam Wernik, Skyy Knox, Dylan Hayes, Jim Fit, Beaux Bank and Theo Brady. Top only guys are very rare. The ones that get my attention are Shane Cook, Arad Winwin, Cade Maddox, Finn Harding, Colton Reece, Zilv Gudel, Dante Foxx, Diego Matos, Cliff Jensen, Marco Antonio. I’ve been accused of being heteronormative. So be it!

        1. Universal Potentate

          Ha! I wouldn’t call it heteronormative. I’d call it your preference. Straight men who enjoy getting pegged by their female lovers aren’t “homonormative.”
          Having a “role” is a particular fetish which goes beyond role-play to role-life.
          I love Alam for instance (though I’d love to see him top). While I’ve seen Skyy and Austin top, Porfimus has always bottomed.
          Devin Franco I love because he’s vers but is SO amazing at using his ass he can get fisted easily! Jimmy Fit and Aiden Ward are like vers extreme bottoms too. LOVE THOSE TWO!!
          Personally, being the meat in a sandwich makes me happiest so I like that conveyed in my porn.
          But hey, I’m not trying to yuck anyone’s yums. I find our differences kinda awesome!

      1. I find it confusing because he’s done a few scenes with Asian porn star Marcus Tresor. I know having sex with someone of a certain race doesn’t automatically mean you’re not racist, I’ve just never seen the Tweet

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