Cute Tyler Roma Worships Ethan Metz’s Monster

French stud Ethan Metz has been making us wait a little too long to see his 9-inch dick, but that makes his appearances all the more satisfying when we get them. After stepping away for about 6 months at the end of 2020, he finally gave us a few scenes last summer…making us wait until the very end of 2021 to see more of his massive meat.

He gets paired with rising newcomer Tyler Roma, who debuted at Timtales in November and is making his third appearance with the studio. It should come as no shock that an Italian is expressive, but I am continually drawn to Tyler’s face in his scenes. Case in point: The way he looks at Ethan’s thick uncut cock here makes you feel how excited he is.

Ethan Metz, Tyler Roma

Ethan Metz, Tyler Roma

Tyler always looks like he’s genuinely having fun, and this pairing is no exception (and I love how he makes Ethan smile, too!). I love the way he gulps up Ethan’s cock here, and the camera gives us a few great angles (the side shot and the angle right in front up Ethan’s dick, looking up to his smiling face) are particularly memorable.

Ethan Metz, Tyler Roma Ethan Metz, Tyler Roma

Then Tyler breathes deep and makes a whole lotta noise as he takes it up his hole. I love the aerial shot looking down on his smooth back as he takes it doggy, his arms and shoulders showing off their musculature as he grips the sheets. Then he turns over and stays stiff as he takes it.

Ethan Metz, Tyler Roma Ethan Metz, Tyler Roma

Then he sits down on Ethan and rides it like a master, going all the way down as his own boner (rock hard!) boings up and down. Their foreheads touch as the bottom works his magic, and these two constantly smile at each other (and us) during this great pairing (which ends with Tyler’s hole nice and wet). Don’t make us wait so long next time, Ethan!

See the full scene at Timtales!


6 thoughts on “Cute Tyler Roma Worships Ethan Metz’s Monster”

  1. People just have to relearn these words. Hung, huge, big, thick, cute. Please, learn them well and use them as they are meant to be used. Tyler is everything but cute, in fact, he’s a bit fugly. He can take a cock so the scene was nice to watch. But cute? Really? And that horse face. She ruined SATC. The reboot is so awful. Every time they do a close up, I can’t help but think gosh, those are the ugliest man hands ever. Oops, and they are her hands. LOL.

  2. Looove their cocks but haaate their beards (especially Tyler’s) and HAAAAATE their effing ugly tattoos!!! YECCCH!!!!!

    1. Universal Potentate

      THANK YOU! I was thinking that. Clean face & proper manscaping take the edge off and make them cuter.

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