Damian Night, Morgxn Thicke

Damian Night Gets Manhandled By Morgxn Thicke in Dream Pairing

Has Men.com been spying on my dreams? How else to explain this dream pairing with two of the hottest performers in the industry today, who give us one of the studio’s best scenes of the past year?

When Damian Night was paired with Oliver Marks at Falcon earlier this year, it was nirvana—the combining of two gorgeous men who were clearly into each other, with Damian taking control. Now we get that again, but this time Damian is on the receiving end of some manhandling by big and buff piece of meat Morgxn Thick (my lord that cock!), who looks just as hot in a cop uniform as Dom King does.

The cute setup has cute Damian accidentally bumping into the donut-eating muscle cop, who spills a drink all over his uniform. So when they’re back at the station, Morgxn has to strip down—his massive hairy pecs and big bulge catching Damian’s attention. Damian soon stretches out over the desk to feast on that thick baton, Morgxn’s pubes tickling Damian’s nose. Then Morgxn returns the favor, deep throating Damian with ease (he’s just as amazing at sucking and bottoming as he is dishing it out…truly versatile!).

Damian then offers up his smooth hole for munching before getting ravaged by Morgxn’s meat, the two grazing their heads together when Damian mounts the cop and rides. Seeing their two amazing bodies all up on each other is stunning, and I love that hot facial Damian gets on his pretty face at the end (look at that thick coat of cum!). I fucking love both of these men, and this pairing is hot as hell. (Can we get Dom and Morgxn spit roasting Damian next?)

See the full scene at Men.com!


12 thoughts on “Damian Night Gets Manhandled By Morgxn Thicke in Dream Pairing”

  1. Men did a scene that is good and didn’t ruin it by introducing random NPCs? Has H E double toothpicks frozen over?
    Now send Dean this way, please

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