Dom King as a Cop? Yes, Ma’am

Whatever you say, Officer King sir! Just when I thought Dom King couldn’t get any sexier, throws a police captain uniform on him and I am melting. Why didn’t they think of this sooner, and why doesn’t he have his own cop show? Dom and his hung alpha attitude are tailor made for some hot fuzz action!

Speaking of tailors, we just saw Dom take advantage of horny tailor Mateo Tomas while getting fitted for a suit, and now he has a new outlet to unleash his BDE. At the station, he catches cop Joey Mills on tape sneaking into the evidence locker to jack off while sniffing boxers, then squirting on them.

Dom King Joey Mills

Dom King, Joey Mills Dom King, Joey Mills

That doesn’t sit well with the chief, who cans the cop and forces him to turn in his uniform—all the way down to his underwear. But turns out that Dom is a perv, too—when naked Joey steps out, Dom takes a deep sniff of his boxers. Joey catches him in the act, and soon is on his knees slurping Dom’s big cop cock (check out that hot bird’s eye view in the trailer, where Dom’s dick dwarfs Joey’s head!).

Dom King, Joey Mills Dom King, Joey Mills

Dom King, Joey Mills

Dom then eats out the twink before arresting his ass, pounding him doggy and missionary on the desk before Joey sits down on Dom’s dong and rides that stick—squirting on the stud’s muscle chest before getting a hot facial. What would you do if Officer Dom pulled you over?

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    1. Take your hate someplace else. We don’t want your hateful opinion. Crawl back into mommy’s basement . Better yet, send a pic of yourself, we’ll judge you.

      1. “we don’t want your hateful opinions” Who’s we? You and Universal Potenfuck? I myself (as well as many others) LOVE hearing hateful opinions,,, so go fuck yourself.

        1. I agree. Him and his “mommy’s basement”. He must have some pretty vivid memories of being locked up down there.

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