Sexy Beasts Dom King & Michael Vente Are At It Again

I see you, Dom King. Laying back with that hot bod of yours, legs spread wide as that big thick dick juts up to the sky—your muscular chest glistening as you stare right at me with those stunning eyes, your handsome face framed by that amazing hair.

Phew…sorry, I was having a moment. But damn do I wanna camp out between this man’s legs! He also looks stunning with Michael Vente (also rocking an amazing body) adorning his arm. It’s clear these two like each other’s company, as this is the third scene already featuring both of them since Michael made his studio debut late last year at Sean Cody. Michael helped himself to Dom’s dick at a Super Bowl celebration, then sucked a load out of him earlier this month behind his boyfriend’s back.

Dom King Michael Vente

Dom King, Michael Vente Dom King, Michael Vente

This is the second installment of that new series (“Dick Swapper”), and after complaining that Dom only stuffed Michael’s mouth last time, I now get my wish for more! After flip fucking with Trevor Brooks, Michael sneaks away to get another glimpse of his boyfriend’s roomie Dom—who has his beautiful cock inside a penis pump (which wants to sell us in its continued and aggressive commercial push of its new line of products).

Dom King, Michael Vente Dom King, Michael Vente

Dom King, Michael Vente

Michael is so excited that he “jumps” right on Dom’s boner into a sit-down fuck (with the help of some editing of course, because otherwise Dom’s dick would be broken and dear God we don’t want that!). Michael also gets his face fucked (listen to him gag and gurgle…yum!) before Dom (his body looking stunning as usual) takes him doggy and missionary, the bottom stroking his boner as he takes it. Dom fucks a load out of him, then nuts on his handsome face. Which Dom/Michael pairing has been your favorite so far?

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18 thoughts on “Sexy Beasts Dom King & Michael Vente Are At It Again”

  1. I’m dying laughing when Dom King was in a In and Out burger a few weeks ago someone he was fucking around with spit in his food and put a nose ring in his burger meat! Hilarious andxwe sat there and watched him eat every bit of it

    1. That’s weird. Because in n out is regional. And he doesn’t live or shoot in places that have in n out.

      So while it would be a delicious story. It’s just you clout chasing for anons who don’t give you even a primary thought.

  2. Dom needs to come out of the clouds. He is a nobody, porn person and he just got thrown out of an In and Out burger joint and banned for life. It was embarrassing!

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