Sexy Fucker Tryp Bates Shows Off Rare Total Top Side

Someone send Steve Cruz a muffin basket, please. I’m loving the new The Beach House series, which is kind of a different vibe for Raging Stallion—a little less “rough and rugged” around the edges, giving us a more organic and natural glimpse at these hot men hooking up.

But even better, the director cast Tryp Bates (aka Sean Cody’s Aidan)—and cast him as a total top, something we haven’t seen much of since the jock began his career back in 2012. I’m in love with Tryp—everything about this man is delicious (that face, that body, that cock!). Tryp has taken some breaks in his career, most recently a two-year gap before returning this year. Most of his new scenes have been at CutlersDen, where he’s bent over for some pretty hot cocks.

Tryp Bates Caden Jackson

Tryp Bates, Caden Jackson Tryp Bates, Caden Jackson

But now we get to see Tryp be a total top, and I’m in heaven. He’s paired with handsome Caden Jackson (read his exclusive interview with The Sword here!), another stud who got his start at Sean Cody. He made his Raging debut getting fucked by hung Andre Donovan in a hot scene early this year, and now he gets to bro out with Tryp in a great pairing where we get to see a little of their personalities shine through (which has me especially giddy in the case of Tryp, because we don’t get to see that much with all the studios he performs for).

Tryp Bates, Caden Jackson Tryp Bates, Caden Jackson

Tryp Bates, Caden Jackson Tryp Bates, Caden Jackson

Caden slurps on Tryp’s big dick before bending over to get tongue fucked, then gets pounded doggy before taking it on his back (where we get to see the bottom’s hot cock nice and stiff). The whole time, I can’t keep my eyes off every inch of Tryp’s muscular body, which looks intoxicating as he thrusts into Caden. Please keep these Tryp top scenes coming! Which position do you prefer him in?

See the full scene at Raging Stallion!

4 thoughts on “Sexy Fucker Tryp Bates Shows Off Rare Total Top Side”

  1. Gatekeeper of all Gay Sex Terminology

    How can porn guy be a “total top” rarely?
    Does he fuck only during the a full lunar eclipse?
    Does he do very few scenes?

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