Dom King, Michael Vente

Dom King and His Big Dick Get Turned On By The Big Game

Turns out, we weren’t the only ones getting turned on watching the big game. We’re still drooling over our Top 10 2024 Super Bowl Jocks (who is your favorite?), and it looks like Dom King got into some game day hi-jinks once again!

Last year, we saw him pull the ole “giant boner through the meat lover’s pizza box” gag (much to the delight of Logan Aarons), and now he’s up to his old tricks again (looking fine as fuck in his high socks and backwards cap)—this time at the frat house, where bro Michael Vente wants to help himself to Dom’s big snack. Handsome Michael and his hot bod have appeared in a few scene at Sean Cody, and he made his debut earlier this year getting pounded by Malik Delgaty (in a scene called “Stuck in the Ceiling,” which oddly wasn’t as zany as it sounds).

Dom King Dom King

Michael Vente Michael Vente

Dom King, Michael Vente Dom King, Michael Vente

And thank the lord these two men are so hot, because Men makes us put up with a loud, obnoxious “girlfriend” (in an ill-fitting cheerleader outfit) who Just. Won’t. Go. Away. This leads to some silly positions where the chick pretends she doesn’t know what’s going on as Dom and Michael suck and fuck right next to her.

Dom King, Michael Vente Dom King, Michael Vente

Dom King, Michael Vente Dom King, Michael Vente

Dom King, Michael Vente

But it isn’t until they head to the kitchen counter at the end that we get some privacy, and we finally get to see Michael fully naked (why Men keeps his shirt and jockstrap on for so long in this scene, I have no idea…his bod is rockin!) and some Dom-licking-cum action at the end. So, give us more Dom and more Michael please…and less vag. (And if you have a hankering for more football fun, check out these scenes!)

See the full scene at!


22 thoughts on “Dom King and His Big Dick Get Turned On By The Big Game”

  1. Could you anonymous Dom King haters PLEASE post naked photos of yourselves… you can obviously blur the faces. Cause these idiotic comments about him not being hot seem insane to me. He’s hot AF head to toe. You haters are either off your meds, jealous or get paid for clickbait. And the anonymous thing is rather cowardly if you ask me.

  2. Listen you all your haters here. Hating on our own community. Pathetic you are. I’d rather associate with a far-right person than you hypocrites. You wonder why people hate on our community; you are hating on us. Grow the hell up.

  3. Michael Vente is Every Inch Gorgeous. Gorgeous Skin. Gorgeous Body. Beautiful Face. Beautiful Dk. Dom King is Handsome from the neck up and Gorgeous from the neck on Down. With a Gorgeous Dk. Great Pairing. But stop including women in Men Videos, Please.

  4. And btw, those Greek letters are Mu, Sigma, and Pi, they don’t spell “men”. That would be Mu, Epsilon, Nu. How can gay men not know about going Greek?

  5. Dom King and Michael Vente are both extremely gorgeous. Honestly, it was a shame Dom King didn’t win any award(s) at the GayVN Awards, as he clearly moved the industry with his notorious good look and charisma. Scenes of him were an undisputed highlight. But, in any case, GayVN Awards already have a bad reputation for being awards shows without credibility according to countless fans from different countries around the world, with the exception of a few winners.

    1. You must be high on crack. Dom King is NOT gorgeous… in fact he’s nasty looking. And a foul personality. And this scene is SO STUPID and dumb. Anyone that could be turned on by this scene has some serious problems.

      1. I guess I have “serious problems” because I find both of these dudes extremely hot! And, just wondering, why don’t you have a “real” screen name Anonymous?

        1. Oh !! “Scott” you are so SMART!! So if I change my screen name, from Anonymous to JOHN… then everyone will know who I am, and I will become VALID like yourself, right?? And yes… You ARE correct…. you have some SERIOUS problems. Go fuck yourself LOSER.

  6. Why does a website called MEN have so many women as a part of the sex scenes? They are never going to capture “Not in front of the salad!” moment ever again.
    She is a distraction from an otherwise great work.

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