EXCLUSIVE: We’re Talking with Ryder Flynn on the Set of His First-Ever Raging Stallion Movie

We’re back in action with our fifth and final interview from the set of The Beach House! You’ve read our chats with Raging Stallion stars like Cole RyanNicholas Ryder, Caden Jackson, and Heath Halo, but now, we’re finally revealing our sit-down conversation with one of the stars of the movie’s big fourgy – Ryder Flynn!

Out now on RagingStallion.com, Ryder can be seen in the movie’s final scenes as he dives into a bareback group fuck with Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler, Cole Ryan, and Heath Halo. Filmed on location in Myrtle Beach, this two-part foursome acts as Ryder’s first-ever appearance with the studio.

In an exclusive interview with The Sword and the Falcon Blog, Ryder is telling us all about what he does on set when he’s not busy getting fucked in a foursome, his biggest celebrity crush, and the surprising inspiration for his porn name. Take a look below at our chat and for even more content from The Beach House, check out both of Ryder’s scenes over on RagingStallion.com and click over to FalconMerchShop.com for some official Beach House gear.

You’ve been here for a couple of days now, what’s it been like sharing a house with all these porn stars? Have you ever had a shared house with a bunch of porn stars like this? 
I have not. It’s my first time, but it was a great experience. Great to meet new people. Lots of cuddle puddles and just getting to know each other.

And this is your first Raging Stallion project correct?
First Raging Stallion and second studio shoot.

What’s it been like so far? Your Raging experience? 
It’s been really good. Everyone has been really helpful. I think it’s a learning experience, but everyone’s been great at giving me tips and telling me what to do and what not to do. It’s been awesome. I really enjoyed working with everyone.

In the house, when you’re not filming, what have you been doing with these guys?
It’s been really chill. Cole and I have been playing a lot of “Smash Brothers” – which has been awesome. I’m a video game addict, so it’s been nice to scratch that itch while here. Otherwise, we’ve just been going out, going to the Boardwalk, going to the beach, and eating some seafood. It’s been great.

So you and Cole have been playing “Smash.” Who’s been winning?
I’ve been winning, mostly. He’s won one so far and we have one paused on the screen, so TBD if he’ll win another.

I know this is the one question all the readers are waiting for me to ask, but who is your main in “Smash”? 
I’m a Samus main.

Okay, Ryan Brian is a Samus main too. 
Yes, I’m a projectile player. I wouldn’t say I run and hide, but I like to keep my distance. [Laughs]

Samus is the running and hiding character.
That’s what people say, but you gotta work out for the backkick. That takes all the skill in the world.

Now for some rapid fire questions – do you have any tattoos?
I don’t.

You don’t? Are you planning on getting any?
Um, I don’t think so. I’ve always wanted one, but then I can never find something that I want to see on my body every day.

Do you have any piercings? 
I do. I have both of my ears pierced.

Nothing more exotic than that?
No, I debate the nipples all the time, but I just want hoops and you have to go to the bar first and I’m just not interested.

Do you prefer to host or travel?
Definitely travel. One, because I have a dog. Two, because I personally like having the option to leave.

What kind of dog do you have?
I have a Chow Lab mix. His name is Ryder and he just turned nine. [Laughs]

[Laughs] What came first, your name Ryder or the dog’s name Ryder?
Definitely his name Ryder. He was my inspiration.

Favorite way to relax and chill?
Definitely playing video games. Right now, I am obsessed with “Dead by Daylight” and I think I spend most of my time on that and just meeting random people in lobbies and chatting it up.

Weirdest place that you’ve ever had sex?
Probably the nurse’s cot in a lifeguard shack when I was in high school.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Sounds basic, but probably Chris Evans.

Current celebrity crush? Still Chris Evans?
Chris Evans could still get it, but I feel like everyone else, I’m on the Henry Cavill train now. Especially since he played Geralt in The Witcher and I’m obsessed with The Witcher as well.

So are you onto Liam Hemsworth now?
No, I’m not watching the rest of the series. I was only in it for Henry Cavill.

Top or bottom?
It kinda depends on the mood.

Do you identify as verse?
Yeah, I identify as verse. I’m very passive in general, so a lot of times, whatever my partner is feeling, I just kind of go with. But being verse, I will say my favorite is flipping, going back and forth. Just depends on the mood and the person.

Sucking dick or rimming?
Sucking dick all day.

Being sucked or being rimmed?
Being rimmed.

Boxers or briefs or other?
Briefs or… I don’t know. I go commando in a lot of gym shorts.

Are you a jockstrap girlie at all?
I’m more of a thong person, honestly. I just feel like I don’t have the butt frame for a jock, but then in a thong, it makes my butt look more illustrious. [Laughs]

If you had to guess, how many thongs do you own?
Umm… Like twelve.

Okay! A sensible number.
You know, all the colors.

Last one – music on or off during sex?
Probably on, I think.

Do you have a go-to fuck song or genre?
I don’t. Well, not a particular song, but lately I just tell Alexa to play deep house music and she knows what to do.

[Watch Ryder Flynn in THE BEACH HOUSE]


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  1. Ryder Flynn is gorgeous, has an amazing hair and is also intelligent. He is a down-to-earth person, who gave normal answers, without acting like a diva. If I liked him for his physique, now I also like him for his personality.

      1. Sounds like someone likes being in mommy’s basement. Is that where you get your mail? People have the right to give their opinion, so keep your mouth shut.

    1. Not only is he HOT, but for once I did not cringe reading the porn star’s answers to the interviewer’s questions.

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