Dom King Turns Hung Alpha Mateo Tomas Into His Bottom Bitch

We’ve seen how powerful Dom King has become in such a short time. The hung alpha has a way of making other hung alphas bend over for him, like we recently saw when Malik Delagaty bottomed for just the second time ever in studio porn. Now Dom is doing it again as hung alpha newcomer Mateo Tomas gets on all fours!

I’ve been in love with Mateo since his debut at CutlersDen, and since then we’ve seen him destroy bottom after bottom with his big body and his big uncut dick. (I also highly recommend you check out his award-nominated scene from Masqulin where he absolutely manhandles Only Matt in a shed.) Not only does Mateo look yummy naked, he also looks sharp in his dress shirt and tie…

Dom King Dom King

Mateo Tomas Dom King, Mateo Tomas

Dom King, Mateo Tomas

But now we get to see Mateo show off his inner sub side, cause he wants that big Dom dick bad (duh!). But because this is, we have to suffer through some silliness and women before we get to the good stuff. But that good stuff is so good, I don’t care! Mateo plays a tailor that needs to take Dom’s measurements for a suit, and what better way to measure than with your mouth?

Dom King, Mateo Tomas Dom King, Mateo Tomas

Dom King, Mateo Tomas Dom King, Mateo Tomas

Dom them rims Mateo’s muscle butt before fucking him doggy, and then we get a glorious shot of Mateo sitting down on Dom and riding—and the bottom’s big dick is rock hard throughout as he takes it. After taking it on his back, Mateo gets blasted by a load to his handsome face, and I’m in heaven. These two are fantastic together! What total top do you think Dom can turn next?

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10 thoughts on “Dom King Turns Hung Alpha Mateo Tomas Into His Bottom Bitch”

  1. Stop showing those fish in gay porn. There is nothing worse then seeing some bloody cunt parading in a gay porn. Total crap

  2. Both of these men are HOT! Great rock hard cocks and smooth slightly hairy without their bodies full of tattoos…but, must we bring in a shocked woman? Why?

    1. Because there is still a large cadre of subscribers who like to think that one of the guys is str8 and being “turned”. I never understood rough trade the fantasy

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