Malik Delgaty Bottoms Again (!), Takes Dom King’s Big Dick

What is it with Malik Delgaty and Thanksgiving? Does the tryptophan from the turkey loosen him up and make his hole hungry? Whatever the reason, we don’t care! One year after the total top made his bottoming debut, he’s back for another round…with an even bigger dick! unleashed quite the event last year when Malik and Finn Harding made their bottoming debuts in dual scenes where they took turns topping each other (Malik bottoming and giving himself a facial as he got fucked was pretty damn hot!). Now Malik has the itch again, and Dom King is the lucky fucker who gets that hole! (And let’s face it, if there’s any top that will make another top bend over, it’s Dom King!).

Dom King, Malik Delgaty Dom King, Malik Delgaty

Dom King, Malik Delgaty Dom King, Malik Delgaty

Dom King, Malik Delgaty
How fucking hot is this?! Dom King is stunning!

This is all great news, but there is a caveat: We have to sift through an obnoxious setup with two girlfriends, along with a glory hole at the bottom of a picnic basket. (Sigh…and after did so well with it’s simple and shenanigans-free Joey Mills bukkake scene!) There’s also a cramped setting in a car (and apparently in public, as we see cars driving in the background), but it’s all worth it because these two hunks are so damn hot.

Dom King, Malik Delgaty Dom King, Malik Delgaty

Dom King, Malik Delgaty Dom King, Malik Delgaty

Dom King, Malik Delgaty

We get to see Dom be a full-on cocksucking pig, which I love (especially when we get to see him on all fours showing off his ass as he sucks Malik against the SUV, looking up with those hot eyes and a mouthful of dick…woof!). Dom then takes Malik doggy before the bottom turns over in the backseat, Dom jacking and fucking him at the same time (so hot!). Malik then rides that big dick before taking a load to his hole, but my favorite shot is arguably the end where Dom gets his handsome face soaked in Malik’s cum. Great to see Malik continuing to…ahem…stretch himself. Who would you like to see him bend over for next Thanksgiving?

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10 thoughts on “Malik Delgaty Bottoms Again (!), Takes Dom King’s Big Dick”

  1. The scene was hot. Malik and Dom had good chemistry. You could tell they were both holding back for different reasons. Malik is a cock-hungry bottom who doesn’t want to be. Sad, but hot. Dom took it easy on him because Malik probably has a strict contract. Would love to see this pair again without the cameras and inhibitions.

    1. Well, he can’t mind it TOO much because he’s been doing a lot of scenes — as a top AND a bottom — and he’s also been filming scenes with one of the guys I follow on OnlyFans. (In his OF scenes he’s sporting a mustache, which I’m not crazy about.)

  2. Big Gay Horny Andy

    These guys are two of the most beautiful, bewitching, desirable men ever to set foot (and cock) in front of a camera. I wanna have them over for a three-way IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

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