Finn Harding, Malik Delgaty

Total Tops Malik Delgaty & Finn Harding Make Bottoming Debuts…For Each Other

It’s been an eventful time over at First we saw the long-awaited return of Mason Wyler to porn, and then we saw Corbin Fisher’s Zane return with a new name after years away. Now, two total tops are bending over for each other. Will this scene fare any better?

Malik Delgaty and Finn Harding have had similar career trajectories, so I guess it’s kind of fitting this “event” happens with them together. Malik joined the industry in 2020 and has shot over 40 scenes for, never bottoming. Finn debuted in 2021 and has a similar output, also only as a top. Both are gay for pay. So if there any hope that this dual scene will surprise us…in a good way?

Finn Harding, Malik Delgaty Finn Harding, Malik Delgaty

Finn Harding, Malik Delgaty

Malik’s busty girlfriend lures stranger Finn back to her place after creeping on him as he runs and promising him a blowjob (I already don’t like how this is starting). Back at her place, we actually see her giving him a blowjob (eww! Too far,…too far!). But Malik lurks in the closet (har har), jacking his boner as he watches before sneaking in behind them. Busty girlfriend convinces Finn to take a big dildo up the ass, but instead it’s Malik sliding his actual cock in. (Sigh…yes, it’s one of those overplayed switcheroo scenes.)

Finn Harding, Malik Delgaty Finn Harding, Malik Delgaty

Finn Harding, Malik Delgaty

Finn takes it doggy, then spoon, then piledriver, then on his back. Then Malik heads back into the closet (get it?!) before deciding he wants to get fucked too (yeah, right), so he offers his smooth hole to Finn afterward. The French Canadian takes it—stop me if you’ve heard this before—doggy, spoon and a piledriver, squirting on his own face before Finn dumps on his hole (okay, the ending is nice). Malik’s meat also looks pretty sweet as he sits down on Finn and from the spoon position, so I can’t say this effort is a waste…it’s just the damn setup that drives me crazy.

This is essentially one long scene released in two parts, with the two trailers covering lots of the same stuff. Have a look at them both below…do  these scenes interest you? Are you happy to see Malik and Finn finally take dick?

See Malik fucking Finn at…

…and See Finn fucking Malik at



13 thoughts on “Total Tops Malik Delgaty & Finn Harding Make Bottoming Debuts…For Each Other”

  1. MindGeek is always doing this, making bottoms top and tops bottom, it’s so annoying.

    As a Total Bottom, I really hate that MindGeek is always trying to brainwash everyone have to be versatile. They have no respect for all Total Tops and Total Bottoms in the the community.

    By the way, everything MindGeek touch, it turns to dusty. They are the WORST!

  2. Why did it have to have that run down looking female? They acted as if kissing at the end was too much but they half heartedly fucked each other and then sword fight their limp cocks. They call this gay porn but in Finn’s bottoming, we see her blowing, rimming him and then he’s sucking her tits!?! That’s not what gay men want to see.

    This is nothing more than these blogs and studios elevating two handsome boring ass guys who give mediocre performances. Two guys who claim to be str8 but in reality there nothing more than two bi guys who prefer females giving us dull as sex.

    I’m over these two. It’s time for the overhyping and overexposure to stop. Finn and Malik aren’t revolutionary. We got bombarded with press for two guys who do something that has been done and will be done by so many others who do such a better job.

  3. The two scenes sounded good on paper but were boring af to watch. Of course, as usual, has to ruin every single scene with some annoying women, then some stupid scenarios. It is exciting to see both of them trying new positions, but they didn’t really have much chemistry together. Finn’s fake rimming was awful. At least Malik did a “kiss” at the beginning of the scene and cum on his own face at the end. Other than that, they aren’t particularly hot scenes. Hopefully they’ll do better ones soon.

    1. Quite on the contrary I think we should get Finn to do more bottoming so he gets used to the anal stimulation! I know Malik did better in these two scenes but is it wrong I like Finn a little better and I’m just super I finally get to start watching his scene, pleasedont’ let this bethe only scene I watch.

  4. Kind of reminds me of the old Falcon Studio Classic “California Kings” with Tom Chase bottoming first time by Michael Branson. Both were suppose to bottom for each other but Branson chickened out.

  5. Universal Potentate

    Wow! I can’t wait for that to come out on xnxx.
    Exciting to see tops finally flip and do versatile scenes … but they also didn’t show hole penetrations, so I’m not sold.

    1. Here you can see both versions, since it is split into 2 scenes: /

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