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Corbin Fisher’s Zane Returns With New Name…and Cums on a Turkey

Remember Corbin Fisher’s Zane? Okay, Corbin Fisher probably had a hundred Zanes, but this one debuted in 2014 with his cute smooth bod, smile and cock? Now he’s back with his third porn star name. Will he stay longer this time?

After filming five scenes for Corbin Fisher eight years ago, Zane changed his name to Ace Stone and moved Next Door, where he filmed another handful of scenes (including one where he gets fucked by Derrick Dime (remember him?!). Now after seven years away, he’s back as Logan Aarons and has been quickly racking up scenes–including getting fucked by Roman Todd in Get Funk’d at Hot House, and by Dominic Pacifico at Icon Male. Let’s have a look at some of Logan’s past…

Ace Stone, Derrick Dime
Zane gets fucked by Kent at Corbin Fisher [WATCH]
Corbin Fiher Zane
Ace Stone gets fucked by Derrick Dime at Next Door [WATCH]
Logan Aarons, Roman Todd
Logan Aarons rides Roman Todd in Get Funk’d at Hot House [WATCH]
Now the bad news: Part of Logan’s welcome return is his debut scene at Men.com, where we get the typical Men.com treatment involving a SHOCKED woman and some silly holiday shenanigans, which involves Logan jizzing all over a turkey (well, fake jizz no doubt). This reminds me of that recent and highly anticipated return of Mason Wyler to porn that was also sedated by similar Men.com antics. (Sigh…why can’t we have nice things?)

Logan Aarons, Troye Dean

Logan Aarons, Troye Dean Logan Aarons, Troye Dean

Mason’s scene also featured Troye Dean, who is also in this scene (back to bottoming after recently showing us his lesser-seen top side). The stupid setup is ignited by Troye showing his butt crack while bending over to fix a TV, which escalates to Logan squirting in a foam finger and on the aforementioned turkey. In front of a women. Just…why?!

Logan Aarons, Troye Dean Logan Aarons, Troye Dean

Logan Aarons, Troye Dean

Anyway, we get some mutual sucking, and Troye and his sweet piece of meat stay nice and stiff as he gets fucked (and he takes a facial). And Logan is cute as ever, so there’s that. Are you happy to see Zane/Ace/Logan back in action?

See the full scene at Men.com, and see more of Logan in his new Hot House scene with Roman Todd!


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