Daniel Evans, Tyler Wu

Daniel Evans Gets a Grip On Tyler Wu in Aggressive Fuck

Two months after making his CockyBoys debut in a hot scene where we got to see Cody Seiya top, Tyler Wu is back for more dick…and he gets both of his holes stretched by an aggressive Daniel Evans.

Some morning wood quickly leads to a blowjob under the sheets, where Tyler’s mouth is stretched by Daniel’s thick dick (it looks especially plump in this pairing). After warming up the bottom’s hole with his fingers, Daniel gets Tyler to sit down on his dick, where we get great closeups of the top’s big balls and thick shaft.

Daniel Evans, Tyler Wu

Daniel Evans, Tyler Wu

Then we get one of my favorite parts of the scene: After the sit-down fuck, Tyler gets on all fours so Daniel can munch on his ass: “I can taste my precum in your hole,” moans the top as he comes up for air (so hot…have you ever tasted your own precum this way?). Daniel also reaches over to stroke and suck Tyler’s Prince Albert cock.

Daniel Evans, Tyler Wu

Daniel Evans, Tyler Wu

Daniel then slides his dick into Tyler from behind, getting fast and aggressive as he goes to town, reaching around to grip the bottom by the neck as he fucks him. That trends continues when Tyler gets on his back for more pounding, the bottom shooting his load before Daniel blasts a thick load over his hole and shoves his cock back in.

Daniel Evans, Tyler Wu

Daniel Evans, Tyler Wu

Do you like a little neck grip (getting or giving) when you fuck?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


5 thoughts on “Daniel Evans Gets a Grip On Tyler Wu in Aggressive Fuck”

    1. I love to see Tylers hole get pounded but the scene was a little boring. At least it is not as sterile as some of the latest scenes from Falcon.

    1. Me too. Not just precum but my cum along with bottom’s sweet ass juice. Once a guy cums whether he is a top or bottom, his ass releases sweet juices.

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