Ripped Cody Seiya Shows Rare Top Side in CockyBoys Debut

Since making his studio debut a few years ago, we haven’t seen much actual studio work from cute Cody Seiya—the ripped performer doing the bulk of his scenes on the likes of OnlyFans and, amassing over a half-a-million followers on Twitter in the process.

We’ve also rarely seen him perform away from Sean Cody, where he’s filmed nearly every single scene of his studio work. And we’ve rarely seen him top, which makes his CockyBoys debut scene—where he fucks Tyler Wu (recently seen a lot at Next Door and also making his debut for the studio)—all the more noteworthy.

Cody Seiya, Tyler Wu Cody Seiya, Tyler Wu

I frequently look at Cody with drool coming out of my mouth, jaw drooped to the floor, as I fixate on his insanely ripped abs and those two huge popping veins he has on either side of his belly button leading down to his groin (see his Twitter for Exhibit A…dear God!). This scene is no exception, the two starting with some revealing interviews where they talk about their developing friendship (and make nice use of an orange!) before taking turns swallowing each other’s cocks.

Cody Seiya, Tyler Wu Cody Seiya, Tyler Wu

Tyler soon moves from sucking his bud to sitting on his cock and riding him, then turns sideways to take deep thrusts into his hole. Cody then eats Tyler’s smooth hole before fucking him on his back. The top shoots a hot load over over Tyler, who uses it as lube. The bottom soon releases his own wad, which Cody licks up and kisses him with.

Cody Seiya, Tyler Wu Cody Seiya, Tyler Wu

What do you think of Cody as a top?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


3 thoughts on “Ripped Cody Seiya Shows Rare Top Side in CockyBoys Debut”

  1. Wow, they are so hot and very nice to see paired together. I sure hope more studios expand their casts accordingly.

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