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International Star Dean Young Signs On As Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive

A fan favorite face is joining the elite roster of Falcon | NakedSword exclusives! It was just announced that Irish superstar Dean Young has signed an exclusive contract with the studio group and is set to appear in a selection of high-profile titles for studios like Falcon Studios, NakedSword Originals and Hot House Entertainment.

It was also revealed that not only will Dean be featured in Falcon’s summer blockbuster, Falcon’s Endless Summer, but he’ll also be starring in both of the movie’s follow-up projects that Hot House and Falcon are releasing in the coming months. Right now though, you can catch Dean talking about his creative sex positions in this week’s episode of the Discretion Advised podcast and in the just-released installment of Falcon’s Endless Summer where he’s joined by Falcon newcomer MrDeepVoice for a backyard bareback bang.

“Dean Young brings his trademark good looks and natural charm to Falcon’s Endless Summer, a months-long event that includes three seasonal movies,” said Falcon | NakedSword CEO and President Tim Valenti. “A man with such undeniable appeal defines what it means to be a Falcon | NakedSword exclusive.”

“Being asked to sign as an exclusive is an absolute honor! I love working with Falcon | NakedSword, and it feels empowering to be from a small city in Ireland and be recognized by one of the major studios in porn,” said Dean Young. “I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love. I’ve already been shooting some new hot and filthy scenes that I know you’ll all love to see, and there will be plenty more to come — so watch out!”

Let us know in the comments below which porn stars you want to see Dean Young film with for his upcoming scenes with Falcon | NakedSword and after you’re done with that, be sure to check out Dean’s brand new scene for Falcon’s Endless Summer right now over on!

[Watch FALCON’S ENDLESS SUMMER ft. Dean Young & MrDeepVoice]


10 thoughts on “International Star Dean Young Signs On As Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive”

  1. I want to see Dean in a Whore Him Out video being fucked by about twenty ordinary guys. That would be hot as hell.

    1. It’s kinda sad and disturbing how someone as beautiful as him felt he needed To get work done. It’s honestly very telling how gay men feel they need to do these things and end up looking worse.

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