Did Jacob & Harley Swap Spouses?

So, we know Jacob & Harley (aka Jacob Acosta and Harley Xavier) aren’t quite as much of a couple anymore (at least, I think we do?), and the two have started to branch out and film separately with studios after years of mostly filming together. And now they seem to have (perhaps coincidentally?) swapped partners on screen.

Two months ago, we were drooling over the hot debut Jacob had at GuysinSweatpants, where he fucked hung and hot twunk Oliver Marks—who is one half of the sexy Southwest College Boys on OnlyFans and Twitter. Oliver’s other half is handsome Carter Collins, who is now making his CockyBoys debut (and I think his overall studio debut) with…guess who? That’s right, Harley!

Harley Xavier, Carter Collins Harley Xavier, Carter Collins

We just saw Jacob at CockyBoys in his new scene pounding the twink hole of Jack Bailey, and both Jacob and Harley have been performing at the studio recently. Maybe all four of them are just good friends (Harley notes he and Carter are “friends with benefits”), or maybe it’s just coincidental. Whatever the situation, it’s hot…and I hope we get to see a lot more of Carter and his boyfriend.

Harley Xavier, Carter Collins Harley Xavier, Carter Collins

With that adorable smile and scruff, Carter has Harley’s attention from the start. After some sucking, Harley bends over and takes it, moaning “You fuck your boyfriend like this?” as he takes it doggy. The sit-down sequence is my favorite, as we get great shots of Harley’s bubble butt and Jacob’s thick shaft. I’m not so sure what’s going on with the industrial concrete corner that serves as the setting (it’s very un-CockyBoys), but they eventually get on a bed, so I guess that helps? Not my favorite scene from the studio this year (or in the Top 10), but it’s nice to “meet” Carter.

Harley Xavier, Carter Collins Harley Xavier, Carter Collins

What do you think of Carter? (Hey, CockyBoys…how about a scene with Carter and Oliver together?)

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


3 thoughts on “Did Jacob & Harley Swap Spouses?”

  1. Oh…
    These poor girls are… How to say that in a way not too rude… – uselessly absurd and ugly.
    … – but hey, at least there’s something for all tastes!

  2. They had grown stale, jacob describes him as an ex,harley was a whiney bitch, now its good for him to be on his own,jacob,awesome,oliver,good partner choice,good chemistry,gain 20 lbs muscle up,hair looks good, get a PA and be a fist master,try Falson

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