Drew Valentino, Cole Connor

Hairy Hunks: Drew Valentino Flip-Fucks Cole Connor

Hairy hole lovers rejoice! A brand new installment of the Raging Stallion thriller Guilty As Sin is officially dropping tomorrow and it features two of the hairiest Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives around – Drew Valentino and Cole Connor!

In the scene, we get to watch Drew, who is making his Guilty return after opening up the film with what is possibly the hairiest fuck of 2022, as he tries to secure a spot on his boss’ will by getting extra friendly with Cole, the business mogul’s lawyer. This involves filling Cole’s mouth, taking his raw cock, and topping Cole’s hole until he’s unloading directly into the attorney’s open mouth.

Drew Valentino, Cole Connor

Fans of these two Raging fuckers will know that while this is the first time we’ve gotten a major studio scene featuring only this furry duo, this isn’t the first time Drew and Cole have hooked up for the camera.

Earlier this year, Drew got to top Cole during the eight-men locker room orgy for Raging Stallion’s SCRUM Balls to the Wall. This is the same orgy that ended with Drew blasting a fat load directly into the eye of Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Luca del Rey. This cummy experience from Drew was so notable in fact, that Luca later took to the Discretion Advised podcast to discuss just how creamy and thick it actually was.

“Cole Connor knows, because we were in a scene together with somebody who’s just like, I don’t know what they ate the night before, but it was so thick,” recalled Luca on the Falcon | NakedSword podcast. “It was like Elmer’s glue and it was just like in my eye… But it was hot!”

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So what do you think of this new Raging Stallion scene? Are you as obsessed with Drew’s thick loads as we are? Which hairy hunk do you want to see film with the studio next?

Let us know in the comments below and if you want to see more from this Guilty As Sin flip-fuck, be sure to head over to Raging Stallion!

[Watch ‘Guilty As Sin’ ft. Drew Valentino & Cole Connor]


11 thoughts on “Hairy Hunks: Drew Valentino Flip-Fucks Cole Connor”

  1. Not buying the whole mugging story at all. Sounds like a trick gone bad and he wants people to believe something else happened

    1. Please idiot , keep your tacky vile comments to yourself . These are two wonderful guys who are good people. Unlike you with your vile comment ! Grow up and keep your tacky hate comments to yourself !

        1. Yeah so they fool around a lot I know alot of g porn stars and in their real life they are good people . This persona only lasts a few years tops but real person is the one that is wonderful . Very tacky comment you made . Who are you the morale police of this site ?

          1. I agree like someone else said that there is more to the story about his mugging. I think he lied about it and knew the person who did it

    1. Dear moron , ” He ” had the eye surgery months before this scene was shot ! Please get your facts straight and stop saying crap about others that is not true ! He was thru a hell of a lot with his mugging earlier this year and I personally do not know if I would came thru as good as he has. So quit spilling false allegations without knowing the facts, loser !

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