Dom King & His Big Dick Stuff Trevor Brooks

Let’s focus on the great news first: This new scene features two of the hottest and most charismatic performers around, with Dom King and his big alpha muscle cock fucking bottom extraordinaire Trevor Brooks (and that alone makes this a must-see).

But because it’s, you know what’s coming: a loud, obnoxious woman who wants to grab the attention away from these two gorgeous studs. (And have I not been paying attention, or is this a relatively new woman in the Stable of Annoying Chicks?) Even worse, she does it twice in this scene, returning later when we had forgotten about her (which makes no sense, because she breaks up with Dom in the beginning).

Dom King Trevor Brooks

Dom King, Trevor Brooks Dom King, Trevor Brooks

Anyway, let’s just forget about her. On the plus side, I have to admit it’s kinda cute seeing Dom embrace the humor elements in a scene. As much as I love his (natch) dom personality, seeing him have some fun makes him even more desirable (which I didn’t think was possible). When Trevor realizes his crush is now single, he takes advantage of the crying hunk and stuffs his boner through a box of tissues to trick the stud into a hand job (ahh, a riff on the ol’ popcorn tub and meat lover’s pizza box trick!)—which quickly turns into a blowjob (again, I fucking love seeing Dom suck dick!).

Dom King, Trevor Brooks Dom King, Trevor Brooks

Dom King, Trevor Brooks Dom King, Trevor Brooks

Then it’s Dom’s turn to take control (yay!), starting with him whipping out his bobbing dick in front of a surprised Trevor, who gobbles it up before offering his ass (back to his bottom ways after showing us his top side a few days ago at CockyBoys). These two men look beautiful together (that spoon fuck? yes please!), which helps me forgive the pink monstrosity.

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6 thoughts on “Dom King & His Big Dick Stuff Trevor Brooks”

  1. left this fuckin stupid awful site ages ago not interested in anything they put out WOMEN DO NOT BELONG IN GAY PORN PERIOD unfortunately Disruptive seems to be going down the same destructive path so dont know how much longer i will stick with them

    1. Omg she fucking appears in the scene again right when the creampie happens. MEN is the worst studio, I don’t understand why this shit has traction. They hire good performers then almost dare the majority of the audience to be turned off.

  2. Didn’t take long for Dom King to get dragged into the mess of these scenes. The “bye gays” at the end was an especially tacky touch.

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