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Just Like PrEP, Laughter Is The Best Medicine Too

Too bad some people have no sence. Or sence of humor.

Saturday Night Live’s political cold openings have reestablished the show as must-see TV. Especially in a season when we so frequently want to go full “Network” and scream we just can’t take it anymore.

In reality, they are arguably providing a national service giving some laughs when there’s not much to smile about. They sure did this weekend.

Though Trump was all about the show when he was guest hosted during the primaries, he’s changed his tune:

I wonder if he went full “Network” and completely missed “Melanianade”

We’re used to Donald’s twitter outbursts by now. But his latest round is not a laughing matter:

The actual documented voter fraud in this millennium is 31 cases in one billion votes cast as confirmed by Media Matters. Trump’s attempts to delegitimize the election process and the peaceful transfer of power undermine the bedrock of our democratic process.

Chants of “‘Hang the B*tch!’ ‘F*g!’ ‘N*gger!'” and actual violence are already fixtures orf Trump rallies. Now there are even assassination threats. This is the kind of rhetoric that gins it up to spill over into our streets after the election.


Is Donald capable of delivering a speech like this? Even if he is, let’s not kid ourselves. The underbelly of the Alt-Right he helped unleash is going to do anything but disappear on November 9th.

It’s more important to vote than ever. And perhaps even more important, talk to those who have drunk the Kool-Aid already.

The final debate is this Wednesday.

The election is 21 days away.

And now, back to our regulalry schedule pornography

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