Austin Wolf

Dr. Austin Wolf: Through the Years

Feeling a little itch in your throat this summer? Better get that checked out. And it’s perfect timing, because Dr. Austin Wolf has office hours again!

Austin has made us drool as a muscle doc over the years, most famously in a series of Hot House scenes he did some seven years ago: fucking jock Brendan Phillips in Doc’s Orders; limber Armond Rizzo in Internal Specialists; and fuzzy Mason Lear in Private Practice.

Austin Wolf Austin Wolf, Brendan Phillips

Armond Rizzo, Austin Wolf Austin Wolf, Mason Lear

Now after a looong absence, he’s back! Austin is making his first doc appearance at (since he signed with the studio earlier this year), and boy is the setup a hot mess…even by standards. In his first ever studio scene, twink Alex Myers brings in his neck-brace wearing, wheelchair-riding daddy for a checkup.

Austin Wolf Alex Myers

Austin Wolf, Alex Myers Austin Wolf, Alex Myers

Austin Wolf, Alex Myers

But as his daddy is getting examined, Alex decides to tease the doc by taking out his ass and shoving a thermometer in his hole. Austin then fucks both of Alex’s holes behind daddy’s back, the son soon spitting out some (fake) cum into a  sample cup—in front of his dad (!), who they soon push out of the room on his wheelchair (!!). Even for, this is pretty low (not funeral porn low, but still pretty low). But hey, no shrill women, so at least there’s that.

Austin Wolf, Alex Myers Austin Wolf, Alex Myers

Austin Wolf, Alex Myers Austin Wolf, Alex Myers

Austin Wolf, Alex Myers

Left alone, Austin proceeds to fuck the hell out of the newcomer, and as the scene settles into some sense of normalcy (or at least what passes for normalcy at, it’s a lot easier to enjoy the action. The visual of Austin’s big muscle body having its way with a happy bottom is still amazing to watch, especially when he picks up the twink and fucks him mid-air. Alex also takes it hard from behind and rides the doc’s dick, then gets a creamy load on his hole.

What’s your favorite Doc Austin scene?

See the full scene at, and see more of Dr. Wolf at Falcon and Hot House!


15 thoughts on “Dr. Austin Wolf: Through the Years”

  1. Austin Wolf is gorgeous muscle king and legend. His body is perfection and his cock is gorgeous hope he keeps thriving and creating great erotic art.

    1. He most certainly does NOT need to retire.

      I’ve always been a fan of his, but not the ink. When you have beautiful skin and superb musculature, why put that crap on it?

  2. I wonder whether Austin Wolf is any relation to Legrand Wolf — and is little Austin Young their secret love child???

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