Elliot Finn On Being Gay-For-Pay: ‘It’s Called Acting & I’m Pretty Good At It’

Next Door Studios actor Elliot Finn is taking to TikTok to spill all the secrets of being a gay-for-pay performer! According to the star, who identifies as someone who is not attracted to men and has been open about being gay-for-pay in the past, pretending to enjoy frequent gay sex involves some strong acting talents, a lot of numbing cream, and a strong insistence on being the bottom since you can’t get hard for other guys!

“I always bottom,” explains the Next Door Studios model. “You want the scene to go easy? Have me bottom. You want it to take long? You can try for me to top, okay? But I’m the bottom. Let’s get that straight.”

Take a look at some of TikTok videos from the Taking Dick To Get That Ass star below where he gets into all of this and more. If you wanna see just how well his numbed ass can take some dick, you can go ahead and watch his 70+ videos over at Next Door Studios right now.

Why Elliot doesn’t top in scenes:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @user9914566595487 great question 😝 #straight #gay #work #bottom #challenge #funny #tan #model #models #hot #hair #healthy #eye ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

Turns out he doesn’t get any type of pleasure from bottoming:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @travisskeen 😀 😝 #question #straight #male #me #model #answer #tan #chest #tat ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

Elliot gives some insight to the butt-numbing cream he always uses:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @dexicola 🤣 good question! #question #answer #bottom #gay #straight #top #abs #tan #job ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

And apparently that same cream has created problems for tops before:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @nytewolf2 I’ll answer that 😊 #question #cream #guy #hot #straight #properly #answer #honesty #abs ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

‘It’s called acting and I’m pretty good at it if you know what I mean’:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @justin_elon I’m that good 😏 #real #acting #professional #model#tan #abs #hair #brown #straight ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

Elliot confirms he doesn’t care about the sexuality of his scene partner:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @babygiraf no preference 😌 #job #work #model #hot #tan #abs #straight #gay #bi #love ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

But there have been some people that he doesn’t want to film with… *Cough* Collin Simpson *Cough*:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @jakemccarroll of course 😆 #film #model #tan #work #gay #straight #question #answer #me ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

According to Elliot, there’s a ‘mix’ of all sexualities performing in gay porn:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @staysafe950 great question! #mix #gay #straight #bi #happy #people ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

Andddd one more video where he reiterates that it’s all acting:

@theelliotfinn Reply to @bokimon007 it’s acting 🤦 😂 #acting #male #tan #question #amswer #body #abs ♬ original sound – Elliot Finn

So what do you think of this? Learn anything new? Do you like watching gay-for-pay models? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to check out more from Elliot over on Next Door Studios!


52 thoughts on “Elliot Finn On Being Gay-For-Pay: ‘It’s Called Acting & I’m Pretty Good At It’”

  1. This closeted stuff is so tedious. There is no gay-for-pay. Many gay film directors don’t buy it. So this guys self-identifies as straight…I think we all get that desire. There is a lot of shit that goes along with being openly gay and some guys like the power of identifying as straight. More than anything the want us to know they are straight. That’s one of the give aways. Coming out can be emasculating to say the least. In 2023 I think most guys who can pass still try to be straight. But guaranteed they will be hiring escorts in their 40s and 50s. Look at all the porn actors from the 80s and 90s who said they were straight (those who are still with us), who eventually said they were bi or gay…Jeff Stryker, Rex Chandler, Ken Ryker…they all come to some degree. I lived next door to Rex Chandler and he convinced himself that he was straight and it was for money. He thought he was different from those gay guys. And there were a lot of gay men ready to believe the fantasy. He finally admitted to himself he was bi long after his porn career, which is when I knew him. There’s a Carl Jung principle that applies…You are what you do, not what you say.

  2. Boring. I’m not good at fantasy. So he may be able to stretch his hole to stretch his pocketbook, but I can’t stretch my imagination. And the attitude is also a turn off. I wouldn’t watch football from guys who hate the sport, or listen to opera from someone who hates singing. Not going to watch someone fuck who doesn’t appreciate it.

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  4. It’s porn, people. PORN. Pretend, fake, make-believe. Even if the two guys in a scene are gay they’re using viagra, fluffers, whatever to get hard and stay hard. Who cares? I don’t. I doubt very much that they are genuinely turned on. The acting is dreadful. The scenarios are for the most part ridiculous. If you’re investing more time in watching porn than it takes you to cum then you’re wasting your life. Need porn on while you’re having sex with a guy? Get some therapy.

      1. I don’t see Jarod as a self appointed therapist, it is just the truth and if you have some other agenda, goal or “point” from a staged fantasy medium like porn other than to get off than you have lots of options including not watching it. I welcome having straight models in gay porn, quite frankly i’m sick and tired of gay men getting all riled up having straight models in gay porn, we can demand inclusiveness and then spew out vitriol to straight men who want to do gay porn.

  5. I do NOT like this Gay for Pay Bullshit as soon as I find out the guy ive been watching is NOT Gay I stop watching them and giving them my time . Just like i dont waste my time on that annoying little twerp Johnny Rapid he revolts me . I wont be watching any more Elliot Fin ,,,STOP THE GAY FOR PAY PROCESS ! I only want gay for gay there are plenty of gay men real men to film with

    1. You have that choice, but it ain’t up to you to decide for the rest of us. As long as the scenes are good and the actors are committing themselves to the scenes like Elliott does, I’m all for it and like it.

  6. I can see a “straight” guy doing one or two scenes and getting away with it. But building a career off of getting fucked as a 100% “straight” man? Please. Especially when it’s still a definite social “no-no” for a “straight” man to have sex with another man? That whole line of “I do gay porn but I’m 100% straight” is complete b.s. They just won’t admit it to themselves. Or maybe they do, but they can’t let the public know that. In any case… we’ll be waiting for the closet door to crack open.

  7. Just watched him topping over on Disruptive Films seen him top on other sites as well dont believe hes not into guys no ones that good an actor

  8. Who is Elliot trying to convince that he’s str8? Elliot has been fucked so many times that his Y chromosome has fled the scene. Elliot is now XX. Enjoy it Elliot.

  9. I dont buy it. He usually has an erection while he is getting fucked and usually stokes it and cums. He moans about how good it feels and I have even seen him taking a load in his mouth and swallow it. No straight man would do what he does. He is just very closeted

  10. so many folks here don’t get the basics:

    Yes some folks can sit on a hard dick purely for cash not pleasure. regardless of how they self identify
    a hard dick doesn’t guarantee a hot fuck.
    Not all gay men like anal sex.
    Many scene partners are not turned on to each other.
    Fluffers exist for a reason.

    Woman fake it all the time and so do bottoms. lol.

    also.. that nasty grey word: bisexuality. it really does exist. irritating right? damn people can’t be boring and binary.

  11. Sorry, but I can’t buy someone shooting over 100 scenes as a bottom by deadening themselves to the sensation of doing so. Utter horseshit. And there’s no way at all that Finn is that good an actor because why they would choose porn?

  12. Just another White skinny hypocrite who claims to be straight. If he was straight he would never let anyone fuck him period. He is as gay as a picnic basket with pink napkins to wipe his cunt lips.

  13. Sorry he’s not a good actor. He looks and acts bored every single time. Some the videos he’s in are good but only because of his scene partners.

  14. Why would the studio want to keep someone that says they hate their work, totally fake it and then goes public. I mean in the real corporate world you would be gone.

  15. It IS acting. Refusing to watch a scene with a gay-for-pay performer is like refusing to see a horror movie where the actor doing the murders is not a killer in real life.
    It’s pretending. Make-believe. FICTION.

  16. Okay well that is insulting to his viewers.

    I wouldn’t hire him.

    Here is a Q-ueer-annon theory. He wants out, but can’t bring himself to say no to the $$, so he makes himself unhireable. (I said is was a conspiracy theory)

  17. I feel betrayed from all this gays for pay.
    Which gay need them?
    We all should dislike gay for pay scenes!! Studios should know, what real gays want!

  18. NDS and other studios should no longer give him roles. Time we tell this hypocrite to take a hike off a cliff!

  19. This guy gets more and more unattractive and unappealing as he does these TikTok’s. Dude no one wants to watch you fuck guys knowing that you’re str8, uninterested, not gaining any pleasure etc…

    Now we know, you don’t like it so… go to the str8 side and shut the hell up. Let us spend our attention and money on some real gay men who do care and will enjoy themselves.

  20. He is no different from a common whore who sells his body. As for not being attracted to men, his dick tells another story.

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