Eric Jon Schmidt campaign

[UPDATED] This Candidate’s Naked Truth

Eric Jon Schmidt released his nude pics & sex videos as part of his campaign’s action plan for a seat on the WeHo City Council. Or so we were led to believe.

Oh what a tangled web this has turned into. After you reacquaint yourself with our original post below, see the shade filled update at the bottom.

[Original Post – April 2] No, you are not being punked.

Eric Jon Schmidt has promised to run an “absolutely transparent campaign” in the run-up to the West Hollywood City Council election next March. He’s one of four who have thrown their hats into the ring so far.

Eric Jon Schmidt campaign
Eric Jon Schmidt
However, Eric is the first to throw all caution, and modesty, to the wind.

It’s not like this was leaked is some sort of character assignation. Schmidt willing put the links to his adult life out there in the press.

As WeHoeVille is reporting,

“in a recent email exchange with WEHOville, in which he provided the web url for his DudesNude account, Schmidt said “I am 100% transparent. I have nothing but good intentions and I am not running against anyone, just their seats. I have nothing negative to say about the others and never will.”

Eric Jon Schmidt campaign
“Emmy for best daytme cocksucker.”
Asked if making those photos and videos public would hurt his campaign, Schmidt said: “I do not think it will hurt my campaign any more than it would a candidate’s stamp collecting hobby. My hobbies do not affect any other part of my life.

“Being a performance exhibitionist is one of my hobbies. I also danced nude in Canada to help pay for college, but I loved it.

Eric Jon Schmidt campaign
“My Cock. Just about 8″”
“I do think it will help my campaign for people who believe the human body as art. Plus it shows that I believe in transparency and I’m not afraid to express myself.

“I became interested in it after a class on “Human Sexuality” at the University of Michigan. Sociology was my major, Human Sexuality was my Minor.”

No shame in his game. I do respect that. However, I am not sure the x-rated pics and videos on his DudesNude profile where he goes by Need2BNude demonstrate his fitness for office.

“two hot latinos sucking my cock. i love latinos, black, white, it’s all good”

Which makes you wonder … is he looking for votes or dates?

Perhaps the two aren’t mutually exclusive after all… in West Hollywood anyway.


[UPDATE April 6]

It seemed like Eric Jon Schmidt willingly posted the links to his DudesNudes profile and the explicit pics and video in a bold, but curious move, to run a transparent campaign.

But according to Hornet, that’s not exactly the case.

But Schmidt alleges it was Henry Scott, WeHOville’s publisher, who first alerted him to the desire to run an article about the lurid profile.

“Those pictures were not released as part of my campaign,” Schmidt tells Hornet. “Basically, Henry, the guy who runs WEHOville, seems to have a personal vendetta against me. He called me and said, ‘I know about the DudesNudes profile and I’m gonna run a story about it.’ I’m not ashamed of it, so I wasn’t going to lie about it.”

In a separate post, WEHOville later claimed Schmidt also had an XVideo account under the name SlutsvilleUSA, though that account has since been deleted and Schmidt claims it was not his.

The WEHOville publisher has since responded to our request for comment and says, “I am a long time journalist and media business executive … and have and always will follow a basic journalism standard: to publish without fear or favor. So, no, I do not have a ‘vendetta’ against Mr. Schmidt. I do not know him (I’ve met him briefly and he emails me several times a day.)”

“I think being more open about their sex lives would make the politicians seem warmer and more human, make them more accessible,” Schmidt says. However, he adds, “By transparency, I don’t mean transparency about [politicians’] sex lives; I mean transparency about payroll, finances and other things.”

The West Hollywood City Council election is set for March 5, 2019. Schmidt will be running for one of three seats. He says he isn’t worried the publicity around his nude images or sex life will hurt him.

“As I said, it’s a hobby of mine, like stamp collecting,” he says. “But I’m not going to bring it into the office.”

Politics is a dirty buiness.

Watch this blog.


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    1. I remember him becuase he used to say “Fuckin A man!” whenvere someone shot their load all over him, always made me laugh!

      1. I think he is hot as hell. plus he served in the Army. worked so hard he was able to retire at 45. he has a Masters Degree. a big beautiful cock

  1. Is he into scat ? Does this first composite images show feces on his body ? I may be wrong, but I remember someone like him on ” xtube ” that was always having sex with old men .

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